Just For Hearts : Virtual Clinics for HealThy Life by Dr Ravindra L Kulkarni

‘Just For Hearts’ successfully reached millions of Patients / Caregivers from all age groups, geographies, occupations & medical conditions to help them build a healthy lifestyle. Our Virtual Practice setup consists of Specialist Doctors, Physicians, Cardiologists, Lifestyle Diseases specialists, Nutritionists, Diabetes Educators, Cardiac Rehab Specialists, Ayurveda, and Yoga Experts, Patient Coordinators, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, and Paramedic Staff.

A team of Medical practitioners & industry experts with over 10 -20 years of Clinical Practice has set up a Virtual Practice Platform to facilitate a Healthy Lifestyle, Better Disease management, and prevent complications

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Text Consultations

Getting answers to health queries is more convenient than ever. After successful registrations, patients can ask health questions to our panel consultants ( Doctors as well as Health Coaches ).

We are offering these Text consultations Free. The normal response time to get answers to common health queries is 6-12 hours.

Patients can ask 2 follow-up questions after getting a reply from Medical Team.

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Quick answers to your health queries, thus avoiding clinic visits

Video Consultations

We offer Video Consultations for specialities like Medicine, Cardiology, Diet – Nutrition, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Weight loss, De-Addictions, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes Education etc.

Video Consultations are the need of this hour and help to address common health queries as well as avoid frequent follow-up visits to Clinic.

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Consult to Physician / Specialist Doctors for fever, cough cold, UTI, APD, Lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Heart Health, Hypertension, Obesity etc

Health Trackers

Our Platform / App offers a variety of Health Trackers completely free to all registered patients and caregivers

Commonly used Health Trackers include Blood Sugar, HB A1C, Blood Pressure, Waist circumference, BMI, Food Intake, water Intake, Renal parameters, Thyroid Parameters.

These health trackers are a good tool for normal individuals also for better health.

Create your Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, Sleep goals using the primary survey & Biometric Calculator. Use Health trackers to keep yourself on track.

Chronic Conditions

Close monitoring, timely reminders, Expert interventions based on test reports as well as health parameters help to manage Chronic medical conditions in a better way.

Currently, we are offering Chronic Care Plans for Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease, Obesity as well as Healthy Life Pro plan for normal health-conscious individuals helping them to stay fit and healthy.

All chronic care plans are personally supervised by MD Medicine / Physician along with an entire team of healthcare experts.

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Health Trackers, Expert Interventions, Patient reminders to manage health conditions well, prevent complications and hospitalizations.

Second Opinion

The second opinion is not only about diagnoses, but it
can also help find simpler, better, or less expensive solutions for the same diagnosis. It can find errors in diagnosis if any and lower healthcare costs. If the medical second opinion is
the same as the initial diagnosis, it can increase your confidence to go ahead with the first

Meet our Doctors

Dr. Ravindra L Kulkarni (Sr Consultant Physician & Cardiologist with over 20 years of Experience) Founder – Just For Hearts is available for Second Opinion.

Home Care

Our Virtual Practice Platform enables us to offer quality Home care with remote monitoring. We have successfully managed thousands of COVID 19 mild symptomatic/asymptomatic cases in Home Isolation easily by tracking essential health parameters like SpO2 / Heart rate etc along with Video consultation from MD Physician.

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Healthy Families

With our clinical experience of 20 + years and use of technology. our ultimate goal is to fight new-age Lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Stress etc. Healthy and Happy Families is what we are committed to and we work for!

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