Just For Hearts : An Initiative for HealThy Life

Welcome to Just for Hearts – An Initiative by Dr. Ravindra L Kulkarni MD DNB FSCAI Cardiologist.
With us, You are in safe hands! Our revolutionary social platform with cutting-edge technology is designed to keep you fit, healthy, and able to take care of yourself, your family as well as elderly parents.
The app is preloaded with a gamut of features that can be accessed anytime, anywhere! In today’s fast-paced & ever-changing world, sometimes it becomes difficult to catch hold of health & fitness, family life, socializing with friends, networking, Mental wellness, Spiritual engagement, etc. We lose on every aspect of life in pursuit of career ambitions & Monetary gains which in the long run affects work-life balance.
Dr. Ravindra L Kulkarni, MD DNB FSCAI Cardiologist has over 20 years of Clinical experience and the medical team under his supervision is here 24×7 for your assistance.
Let’s dive deep to know how we help you transform your dreams into reality through fun-filled & easy to do activities that can be done anytime, anywhere!

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Welcome to Just For Hearts , Virtual Clinics for HealThy Life


    With Just For Hearts, You are in Safe hands !


    HealThy life with Just For Hearts


    To establish ourselves as a leader in the field of Lifestyle Disease Management with our high-quality Health & Fitness servise constructed by experienced Medical & Wellness scholars, especially for today’s well- informed & Tech-savvy generations

    Core Values


    When it comes to health & wellness it is critical to put ourselves in the shoes of the customers, understand their pain area & provide tailormade solutions. Hence we appoint a team of medical professionals with thorough domain knowledge & hands on experience to partner in your wellness journey to achieve desired result.


    Our Tech enabled programmes give you a full access to align your current Fitness Tracking devices , get expert advice anytime- anywhere, Fitness Challenges, Leader Board positioning, Social Media Quiz & competitions which will keep you motivated throughout the day.


    We believe to deliver the best! And to deliver the best, you need best people inside your own organization. We are a proud team of handpicked experts from the field of Medicine, Paramedical, Wellness , Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, Customer Support & Sales working towards a common goal of providing the best of Corporate Wellness services from last decade in India.

    Team JFH