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Just for Hearts, The Wellness Platform with a gamut of services which can be accessed anytime, anywhere! In today’s fast-paced & ever changing world, sometimes it becomes difficult to catch hold on the health & fitness, family life, socializing with friends , networking ,Mental wellness, Spiritual engagement etc. Basically we lose on every aspect of life in pursuit of career ambitions & Monetary gains which in the long run affects work-life balance.

Just For Hearts , your wellness partner is here 24 x 7 for your assistance.

Let’s dive deep to know how we help you transform your dreams to reality through a fun-filled & easy to do activities which can be done anytime, anywhere!

  • Set & Manage goals – Create your own Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, Sleep goals using the primary survey & Biometric Calculator. Use Health trackers to keep yourself on the track. Get a pictorial report with easy to read charts & analysis diagrams.
  • Track your exercise– Connect your fitness gadgets to know exactly how much calories you are burning each day. Keeping a track of exercise will give the right direction to your efforts & keep you motivated to exercise more.
  • Be on track –Turn on reminders which will help build a habit. The app supports to reach your Hydration goals, Nutrition goals, Total footsteps a day, Doctor appointment etc.
  • Get expert advice – A team of well-experienced Health experts are just a click away. Choose your health goals, choose your health expert & get going. A 24×7 support through a Live Chat option.
  • Be an initiator– We have a bank of interesting Fun@Games , Team building exercises, Behavioural trainings which you can download & suggest your management to conduct at your workplace .
  • Increase knowledge– Don’t keep yourself limited to one aspect of lifestyle. Take a short health quiz, surveys to keep yourself updated on a different health issue that may arise due to stressful work life.
  • Motivate others– A daily health feed, Ebooks, Blogs ,Useful demonstration videos, Podcasts will keep you updated on latest Lifestyle trends around the globe. Read & share the useful content with your loved ones & keep them healthy.

Her Story : Navratri Special Series  

Just For Hearts is delighted to have 9 inspiring women with us this Navaratri season. 🎉🎉

A special interview series starting today featuring women who embarked their journey with the small dream in their heart and eventually succeeded with flying colours.

Let’s meet these 9 wonders who are epitome of Strength, compassion, love, kindness and art.

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Latest : From our Youtube Channel 

मधुमेहासाठी आहार योजना डायबेटिस झाला का सगळ्यात पाहिले आहार नियंत्रित करणे गरजेचे असते. पण नक्की काय खावं आणि काय टाळावे हे समजत नाही. डायबिटीस चा बसिक डाएट प्लॅन मी या व्हिडिओ मध्ये सांगितले आहे तर नक्की बघा आणि तुमचा परिवारात व मित्रांन सोबत व्हिडिओ शेअर करा. काही प्रश्न अस्तील तर कॉमेंट्स मध्ये विचारू शकतात.

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