Women’s health shows physiological changes in the form of menarche, reproductive phase and menopause. These phases are controlled by hypothalamus gland.

At menarche the internal and external genital organs undergo complete growth. The girl starts menstruating, which is the indicator of her reaching the stage of puberty. The menstrual cycle begins with follicular growth, menstruation and ovulation, which may get fertilized to form an embryo. Thoughts and emotions affect the hypothalamic function leading to menstrual irregularities.

Women’s health disorder: Common ones are irregular menstruation, early menstruation, late menstruation, scanty or excessive menstrual flow, infertility, PCOD.

How does Yoga help PCOD?

  • Yoga reduces stress response: Minimized stress response corrects hypothalamic dysfunction leading to correction of hormonal levels.
  • Dynamic postures improve BMI, insulin sensitivity: Dynamic Yogic posture sequence like Surya namaskar helps in weight reduction. Big postural muscles activity in sustained yogic postures helps to reduce blood glucose levels to improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Twisting postures reduces abdominal obesity: Abdominal wall fat is attended well by multiple twisting postures. Twisting postures like sitting twisting and Marichasan helps reduce abdominal fat and massages internal organs making it work better for better performance.
  • Yoga gives relaxation: A few relaxing postures help reduce stress. Stress can be due to some issues in conceiving. Sometimes, stress is due to conceiving surprise when the person is not physically or mentally ready to take care of the newcomer.

Big postural muscle activities: Utannasan, Adho Mukha Shvanasana. The big postural muscle activity which is done well in Surya namaskar, is a set of asana which stretches most major muscles. Surya namaskar has so many health benefits-mental, physical & spiritual.

Dynamic postures are like fast asana and a few aerobic asana which would help weight loss, to reduce central obesity to help the organs work properly.

Some props if used in relaxation helps relax well as the chest is expanded well in this posture, chest expansion will help breath properly so as to give proper supply of oxygen to every cell of the body.

There are many hormonal changes which women go through in each stage of life, whether it is career or marriage or motherhood and lately the menopausal stage. This is again a very tough stage in women’s life, where she cannot even do some vigorous workout to lose weight (most of the time) or tone her body, as that time is the stage when there are degenerative changes happening. So she has to take care of her family and herself (which she had ignored so long), here Yoga plays an important role, which will help her get rid of such small pains as well as help in making her mind calm which will open more opportunities for her and due to decrease stress she can pay more attention to take care of her family well and maintain a healthy family relation.

When we talk about Yoga let’s not forget conscious breathing which is not known by many.

What is conscious breathing?

We all know we are breathing but are we aware of each and every single breath? Not always. In conscious breathing we talk about deep inhalation and slow exhalation, this calms down the mind. When we talk about breathing, we can differentiate in 2 sections. One is thoracic breathing and the other is abdominal breathing. Thoracic breathing divided in 3 parts-chest expanding sideways, chest expanding front ways and chest expanding upwards.

Abdominal breathing is done well in a supine position when the back is at rest, it has many health benefits.

It is a very simple technique in which you blow your stomach like a balloon when you inhale and while exhaling it goes down, touching the spine (not literally). This again has a very calming effect. If these and a few more asana done during pre-menopause stage, helps go through menopause very smoothly