Energy Source Compilation

We are all energies. We are energies which draw within us. These energies are never only the positive or only the negative. The combination of these two energies makes us. Just how we would not know how the solidification of energies can reach a concreteness. We cannot know how the decline in the energies can make us decay.

So, the theory in practice is all about the compilation of energies. The energies which will cause the balance. This balance in a circumference says, a circle is, what we can call yin and yang. So, the yin and yang cannot move away from each other. They cannot even merge into each other. They are always a part of the same balance scale which calls out for a rhythmical silencing of conflict.

So, whenever the conflict especially an internal one needs to be silenced, we need to work on ourselves through the yin and the yang. It is like working on the white and the black. That is what makes each of us come to the bright understanding of ourselves through an uproar of wisdom.

Accumulation of Wisdom

Now there is no course on wisdom. Wisdom needs to be accumulated in our course of living through various energies which make us come to release our tensions. How we release our tension is what will make us shine through. So, if we do not want to decay in negativity and make the black grow
and accumulate then we have to make ourselves more aware by inculcating our energies on the white.

yin yang

There are several sub ways of doing so and the prominent way of doing so is through caressing our spirituality. These sub ways can be channeled through meditation, exercise, concentration modules, discipline, channels of taming and calming, expression through various mediums, to name a few.

So, when we focus on concentrating our energies in the center, we form a scope of deliverable that makes us more together in all our belonging of the energies. We learn to manage our fluctuating energies without any constant effort and can move on to do well perpetually. So, it is like understanding the steady tools by investing in the sub ways on a day-to-day basis and then moving into a form of stimulation which will come to terms with the steady output in such a way that it becomes our way of life.

Inner Conflict Levelled

This similarity within us which makes us different from the other is what happens to awaken the yin and the yang within us in order to allow us to move ahead in life. This movement is to make up a steady level out of the energies. In such a level that everything is meant to come to understanding

the features grow inside our mind. It is this awakening in which the inner conflict which causes the constant mental chatter balances itself out through our growth curve.

Once the balance does go hay wire due to any external conflicts, they can be mellowed through the sub ways. This is what makes the way of life energetic, wholesome and united through the constant growth curve of acquiring wisdom time and again. So, always do learn to celebrate the yin and the yang within you.

Stay Blessed!