My Yogachara
In this current situation, all of us are in some kind of mental or physical stress due to these external conditions.
Then How do we really manage our health? Boost our Immunity?
Yes, right YOGA is the answer!
Thus, this World Yoga Day 21st June 2020 ,we come up with some interesting contests for all our dear and near ones.
Please find the contents details below:
Topic: My Yogachara (My Yoga Routine)
Who can Participate? 
  • Anyone and Everyone
  • We encourage Family Participation
How to Participate?
  • Share a small 5min video, of only 3 yoga postures/ asanas which you really enjoy practicing.
  • We start with a small self introduction and your love for yoga followed by 3 yoga postures/ asanas, and at the end how Yoga is helpful in your journey.
When to Share the Video?
  • Between 1st June 2020 – 10th June 2020
  • Promotion of your own video on social media 10th June2020 – 20th June 2020
  • Winners announcement 21st June 2020
Winners declaration criteria 
  • Your Interest, Love and Dedication towards Yoga
  • Clarity of your video
  • Maximum Likes, Shares and Comments on your video
Terms & Conditions:
  • Video should not exceed more than 5min
  • We expect only 3 postures/ Asanas in a proper and safe way
  • Videos should be shooted preferably with plain background. Open and natural Background preferable.
  • Light effect should be normal (not too bright or dim)
  • Clarity of the video should be visible enough
  • Contestants to be in proper Yoga attire/ outfit while practicing Yoga
Yoga Day Contest June 2020