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Work with Us, Welcome to ‘Just For Hearts’ Wellness Expert Collaboration platform. A digital workplace where the organization, people & technology intersect to provide a seamless operation experience. The purpose of the app is to provide a 24×7 assistance to manage the bookings, check the work status, seek new opportunities & build a presence in the community. Everything just a click away. Let’s see how this app is going to help in your day to day work-life with Just For Hearts.

Be a go-getter– Achieve more in less time! Forget about creating calendar entries, making notes & follow-ups with multiple stakeholders. The app will give you a Task Overview & also send notifications from time to time.

Be your own boss – Choose your working hours. Express your availability in the app when you can take the new assignment. We will reach out to you.

Hassle-Free life – The app will provide the track of past & future business opportunities. Just focus on being more productive at the event.

Build your presence – JFH is a trusted platform having more than 3000 plus registered Wellness Experts. Stand out in the community as you grow professionally with us. Not to mention about the fruits of the hard work one will get to taste depending upon their performance and unique identity.

Work with Us

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The JFH Expert Connect

Apart from the 24×7 assistance an expert will get for their day today assignments, this platform is designed to create a friendly ecosystem for those who enter the JFH world.

Starting with the attractive Cash rewards, Certificates and Badges that come with fun games every week, you will be able to do grab more benefits with time. And to name a few, here’s a what you will get in your kitty when you register yourself as a JFH Wellness Expert.

  • Discounts & incentives – Through a systematic reward points system, you will be able to redeem your points by cracking levels , playing fun-filled games almost every day.
  • Sponsorship program- A performance based sponsorship will be available if you wish to upgrade your skills by taking relevant training.
  • Guest Blogging opportunity- If you have passion for writing, we are inviting you for Guest blogging for our website & newsletter.
  • Invitations for the Hot discussions– You will invited to talk / write your expert views on the current health/wellness related topics which will published on our social media pages which has a huge followers base.
  • Recognition in the fellow communities- A weekly newsletter will be send out to our newsletter subscription base, social media pages, What’s App groups which will contain a Expert profiles, Announcements, important news which will give an extra benefit to you as a subject matter expert.
  • FB Live events – You will be able to host Watch parties and Live videos on JFH FB page which is a proven engagement platform of our fan base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about how to work with us ? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If you’re not seeing what you are looking for, then please contact us.

Can you brief me about Just For Hearts?2020-01-11T17:22:37+05:30

Just For Hearts is India’s #1 Corporate Wellness company. Our core activities include designing and execution of wellness calendar, setting up of Occupational Health Clinic, Medical check up as per industry standard, Healthy Life Newsletter. We have Pan India presence.

What are the wellness events?2020-01-11T17:23:28+05:30

Wellness events are sessions conducted to improve workplace habits like sitting posture, stress management, nutrition , exercise and health check ups for healthy future and to improve the quality of life

Does an expert need to travel to different cities?2020-01-11T17:24:07+05:30

Events will be allocated based on expert location. We have experts from Pan-India on our panel.

What are the different types of session?2020-01-11T17:24:53+05:30

 Session can be either a lecture,/Onsite consultation /demonstration.  The sessions are followed by question answer round. For lecture, presentation is provided. Expert need to use his/her expertise during Onsite consultation. As it will employee centric. In case of demonstration, recipes or presentation is shared.

How can a professional get associated with Just For Hearts?2020-01-11T17:26:28+05:30

Download our app, complete your registration & Our Network team will connect and discuss with you the opportunities best suitable for an expert’s profile. Candidate  with good academic score, experience,testimonials  will be empanelled after scrutiny. We don’t charge any fees for empanelling.

How will expert get alerts for upcoming event?2020-01-11T17:27:34+05:30

We have launched a platform called the” Team JFH” app, where we share all the upcoming events and opportunities to work with us for our expert panel. So,  Download the “ Team JFH “ app to get all the latest updates, good opportunities and also list our emails to priority.

How to download the app and register?2020-01-11T17:28:50+05:30

Follow below 3 steps

  1. Download the app: Click on the above-mentioned link 
  2. Registration: For Panel expert, fill up the detailed form ( update the bank details as well)  and submit. You will receive login details on registered mobile number
  3. Verification: Our Network Manager will verify profile, after which expert profile will be live to see opportunities, mention interest for an event
How can an expert express his/her interest for an event?2020-01-11T17:30:04+05:30

All the events are allocated through the app. Upcoming events are announced under the Opportunity section in the app.  To mention an interest quote your expected remuneration and press the interest tab.  Your interest for an event will get registered. Our Wellness Managers will allocate the event to an expert on the fulfillment of the criteria like qualification, experience, and quotation.

What’s remuneration for the event ?2020-01-11T17:30:57+05:30

As every event is designed as per corporate requirement. The type, duration of the session, the experience of experts will decide the remuneration. So, our Wellness Managers will inform about the remuneration on elaborating the event.

What’s the mode of payment?2020-01-11T17:45:38+05:30

The payment will be credited  45 days after the event on the bank details mentioned in the app.  10% TDS will be deducted as a professional fee. TDS Certificate is shared with you every financial year.