“Am I looking too fat in this Dress?”, “I was so slim 5 year back”, “Look at her! I want to be thin like her”, “I don’t eat much but still my weight isn’t going down” etc. Hearing these words is like routine among couples and peers. But why such drama? Why to lose self-confidence and fall for Yo-Yo effect?

Constant roller-coaster of weight gain and weight loss is much more hazardous than weight on higher side. In women, sarcopenic obesity (low muscle mass accompanied by high fat mass) is on rise leading to increased metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure etc.

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Women find it difficult to lose weight due varied reasons such as 

  • Excessive household chores
  • Difficulty in balancing between professional and personal life
  • Metabolism blues
  • Post pregnancy 
  • Menopause 
  • Fad diets advocated by Dr. Google or Youtube!

Fad Diets and physical inactivity are major culprits for weight loss. Instant results are seen by following such diets at cost of precious muscle mass. 

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Weight management seems to be difficult in women but following these simple techniques would help:

  1. Portion control: Instead of having entire pastry, chocolate, pizza etc. at functions opting for small portions.
  2. Including protein in all meals: Proteins have higher satiety value. Including them in all meals will give the feeling of fullness and prevent from over eating.
  3. Maintain food dairy: Food Dairy helps for conscious eating and prevents one from excessive junking every day. 
  4. Replacing junk with healthy options: Eating cheese burst pizza will definitely add on the tiers round waist but replacing it with whole wheat pizza with minimal portion size will help to cut down on those extra calories. 
  5. Table Exercise: Sitting at one place will never help to shed those extra pounds but doing some basic exercise while sitting will be an add-on to your motive.
  6. Fluids: At times, water is most neglected. Make sure to drink at least 12 glasses of water per day to maintain hydration status.
  7. Include vitamin D in diet: Majority of women population is deficient of Vitamin D which plays role in metabolism of body. Adding vitamin D to diet helps in better absorption of calcium.
  8. Include fibers in diet: Fibers help in weight management by controlling hunger pangs and maintaining lipid profile (fats in blood).
  9. Focus on fat loss rather weight loss: Lipotoxicity (abnormal fat accumulation) is on rise leading to worsening of muscle quality. Increased body fat and visceral fat (fat surrounding internal organs) are the major reasons of all lifestyle disorders

Therefore instead of having weight loss drama, be sensible! Avoid following what others say by their experience; visit a qualified nutritionist and look for a healthier you!!