Whilst I begin to write let me give a brief introduction about me. I am a nutrition coach promoting health and constantly in touch with my varied audiences through my website. I am based in Canada and I am working as a Pharmaceutical Intake Specialist in one of the largest healthcare firms in the country. 

As the Coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the globe there has been a paradigm shift in the lifestyle. It is a reality check which no one perceived but still living by it. Homes are being transformed into offices for the fortunate ones. 

In the shapeless future, giving shape to time has become more essential. This is a new normal. Staying motivated, retaining work-life balance and video conferencing etiquettes are just some of the challenges. However it is optimal to maintain a good dietary habit.

Dieticians believe in power of food to enhance lives and improve health. Emails and messages started to pour in my inboxwith questions like –

What to eat?

How to boost immune system?

Is virus susceptible to compromised immune system?

Will proper diet boost immunity?

Do I have to take supplements to boost my immunity?

Questions were also regarding diet challenges in the coming auspicious month of fasting for Muslims. Not just the clients but this question was looming in my family as well.

While work was likely to slow down for many people healthcare got busier. Besides answering to all my audiences pandemic created an opportunity for me. Mind was questioning what else could I do to help during this time when I am saving few hours of commute. It looked like good news and a bad news. Bad news: the death rates increasing all across and good news is the thought instilled in me to write a book.

In the past few days I felt like I have accomplished a great deal. I never thought I could handle all the work – a full time job and making recipes, clicking pictures, gathering ideas of compiling important aspects of diet and health for a better experience of readers.

The vision of writing a book turned into reality in few weeks. Certainly tremendous amount of hardwork and mental discipline was needed. Hence I introduced my first piece of work to the world named Ramadan Diaries 2020 available on Amazon Kindle.

I also have some reviews of my client’s to share –

Gulmirah, 35 London UK – shared that even after lockdown she would continue to buy fresh vegetables. She noticed the quality and flavor of vegetables are good and tastes better than processed canned foods which she couldn’t find due to impulsive shopping.

Afreen, 33 London UK – With less grocery visits she started using her pantry better and saving more money.

Dimple, 18 India – Lockdown has improved her skin because she stopped eating junk and fizzy drinks. She said she would continue to maintain her healthy habits.

Kashmira, 28 India – Mother of 2 kids was happy with her weight loss with increased household chores and activity. She noted about sticking to physical activity which moved her stagnant weight even after lockdown is over

Rashmi, 40 UAE – Her new routine of yoga and cooking meals by herself has got her in good place of mental health. She said she never thought about cooking before but now she was excited to explore the cooking skills in her. The fascination developed for healthy cooking is something she would want to keep post lockdown. 

Despite the gloomy appearance, lockdown has brought positive developments in me and many others.