Being fit should be the way of life. A fit and healthy body makes a woman more empowered. Healthy diet and a good exercise plan are essential to achieve a fit body. Here, we will see which exercise is best for women?

Why exercise should be an essential part of women’s day to day life?

1) It regulates monthly periods and reduces pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS).

2) It keeps female hormonal secrtion in control which is useful in prevention and treatment of PCOD.

3) It helps in prevention of infertility.

4) It regulates Thyroid secretions.

5) Exercise reduces breast cancer by reducing increased estrogen levels linked with disease.

6) It is useful in reduction and maintenance of weight.

7) Helps in preparation of pregnancy and aids labour process.

8) Last but not least, it gives u desired body shape, attractive figure, healthy skin and hair! (increases confidence)

Thus exercise keeps us physically, physiologically and mentally healthy. What is your Goal? It’s time to think about what is your motivation to start exercise.

In my experience as a dietician and gym trainer, I have seen many ladies thinking just about their outer look and weight reduction for short duration of time like pre-wedding weight loss, or to compete with other female friends or to fit in the outfits they love. But is it enough? Not at all! One should think about long lasting and life time results of exercise. Health and fitness should be our first goal.

What are types of exercise?

There are 3 important types of exercise-

  1. A) Stretching and Flexibility exercises

It increases blood flow towards muscles and makes your heart pump more. It improves flexibility and reduces muscular injury, muscle soreness. It eases movements.

Examples – 1) Neck rotations – Reduces Double cheen

2) Hand rotations – Gives good shape to shoulders and firms upperarm skin

3) Knee rotations – Reduces injury to knee ball while jumping, jogging etc

4) Calf raises – Calf is considered as heart of lower body.

5) Toe touch – warm up to glutes

All above exercises are best as warm up exercises which are very important and essential part of any workout session.

  1. B) Aerobics or Cardio exercises –

They improve oxygen consumption capacity of lungs and improve cardio vascular fitness and stamina of doing any work more efficiently than before.

Examples- Walking, treadmill walking, running, sprinting, swimming, cycling etc.

It also includes high intensity interval training and tabata.

  1. C) Strength Training

It is moving your muscles against some kind of resistance like dumbbells or barbells, kettle bells or machines etc. Improves lean body mass, which is very important in weight loss as it increases metabolic rate. It gives desired shape to body and skin tightening.

Now, to know which is the best exercise for women, lets see difference between male and female body.

Nature has designed women’s body to have more fat for menstruation and reproduction purpose. That’s why women process food differently than men. Because of difference in genetics, hormones and biochemical pathways that cause food to be converted into fat whereas in males its converted into bone and muscles. And that’s why our workout pattern should include all types of exercises given above.

Here is an example of a pattern of workout-

  1. A) Warm up and stretching: Aerobic movements like spot jogging, fly jumps, skipping, stepper marching, knee to elbow exercise.

Keep this session as common session for daily

Then choose-

Day 1– Treadmill walking and running (gradually increase speed)

Static cycling

Elliptical trainer

Day 2– Strength training with the help of dumbells and machienes

D/b Bicep curl/tricep extention

D/b Lateral raises/ Shoulder Press

D/b Squats / Dead lifts

D/b Chest press/ Lat pully

D/b lunges/ floor push ups

Day 3 – Go for sessions of low impact aerobic exercises or Bollywood dance aerobics. You will absolutely enjoy the session. (You can use stepper as you advance in workout)

Day 4 – Go Tabata session.In Tabata workout, there is 20 seconds of workout followed by 10 seconds of rest. Each session lasts for 4 min. Each session should be given break of one and half minutes in between. You will be pushing yourself for 75 – 90% of your maximum heart rate.

Day 5– It is again for weight training with help of machines and dumbells. You can repeat day 2 or choose other dumbells exercise moves. (You can choose dumbbells with upper limit of your resistance, in advance level.)

Day 6– Go for Zumba, Which is again a cardio exercise.

After finishing any one of following session you can go for workout session given below which is again common AFTER every day’s workout.

Functional moves

  1. Squats
  2. Wall push ups
  3. Leg raises
  4. Bench dips
  5. Lunges

6.Calf raised Walk

All these moves will give you perfect body shape. Then go for some floor exercises on mat like abdominal exercises, dog pose exercises alternately.

Now, it’s time for some yoga moves which helps in flexibility, strengthening uterus and pelvic reason and cooling down of body. And it’s very important.

Examples –

  1. Balasana.
  2. Setubandhasana

3.Viprit karani

  1. Cobrapose
  2. Butterfly pose

Last Do Shavasana, which induces relaxation.

Each session should last for 45 min.

Combination of variety of exercise will keep you away from boredom and give multiple benefits of all exercises. Remember to take a healthy diet, which include good quantity of proteins.

That’s all ladies; get ready for great health and attractive shape!