What is better – A fruit or Juice? Summer is approaching and fruit juices are favorites of this season. Though fruit juices quench thirst and add to your fluid intake, eating whole fruit is always a good choice. Read following reasons to know why!

What is better – A fruit or Juice?

1. While extracting fruit juice, skin and fibers in the pulp of the fruit are removed. Therefore, fruit juice lacks fibers.

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2. Due to less fibers, fruit juices are readily absorbed and they can spike blood sugar levels. At the same time, juices do not impart satiety due to removal of fibers. One feels hungry soon after drinking a glass of fruit juice.
3. One tends to eat one whole fruit at a time and serving size for juice is one glass. To make one glass of fruit juice, at least 3-4 fruits are needed. More fruits, more calories!
On the top of it, many juices contain added sugar piling the calories up. That means, fruit juices lead to excess calorie consumption.

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4. Many a times, fruit juice centers are located roadside, proper hygiene is not maintained (instruments not cleaned properly, glasses not washed thoroughly, fruit quality not appropriate, hand hygiene not followed,
flies contaminate juices, unhygienic ice is added to juices) which can invite infections and can lead to symptoms like sore throat, stomach upset and diarrhea.
5. Packed juices can contain unhealthy additives like sugar, preservatives, food colors, artificial sweeteners and stabilizers. The nutritional quality of a fruit deteriorated as you process it and store it longer!
Therefore, it is always better to opt for a whole fruit than fruit juice!