Mr Kishore Bhat’s blood sugars were on rise. This  50 year old gentleman from Mumbai  struggled to manage his sugars as well as his weight. He is 5 ft 6” tall and weighed 84 kgs. He was diagnosed to have high sugars in 2010. His Fasting blood sugar was 250 mg/dL and Post prandial sugars were in the range of 400 mg/dL. He is a vegetarian. On consulting for diet, he was given a diet suitable for diabetes with carbohydrates distributed evenly throughout the Day. He started with exercise too.

Doctors kept him on Insulin  and instructed to follow strict lifestyle modification.

With little knowledge about diabetes, he was introduced to a glucometer and he was really excited to use it!

He has now learnt self management of diabetes and  has  achieved independence in diabetes management after plenty of challenges. He used “Mixtard” insulin for nearly 4 years after diagnosis. He was using vials and syringes initially. Here he  would again like to thank people who helped him learn to take insulin shots on his own.  He  was worried with the concept of taking Mixtard as he  had to eat a small quantity of food at multiple and fixed timings. This was a feeling of eating all day long.

He now feels that every person with diabetes should own a glucometer and should check his/her glucose levels regularly to maintain BG levels in a normal range. It  was very challenging when  he  had to check my his blood sugar during fluctuations i.e. during lows and highs, especially in midnights.

Strict dietary control helped him  a lot. He never skipped morning breakfast, carried lunch at office. Avoided unnecessary intake of tea/ coffee.

He was determined and have been avoiding all kinds of chocolates, bakery products, sweets at home as well as during social gatherings.  His exercise regime included running for 1 hour in the morning alternate day in a week. On one fine day his friend suggested him to take a protein supplement to increase stamina, muscle mass  keeping in mind marathon run. To his  shock, he realised that his  sugars were minimally raised but creatinine levels were raised He immediately connected with me  and started restrictions to lower creatinine. He stopped intake of green leafy veggies, reduced intake of milk, sprouts. After a month he  checked and found that  his creatinine levels were in the normal range. He now feels good, checks his blood sugars regularly and keeps himself physically active. He now weighs 69 kgs and is constant on this weight for past few years. His fasting sugars now range between 100-120 mg/dL and post prandial sugars range from 120-150 mg/dL.

He has  now volunteered  to train group of young people for marathon. He is continuing his physical activity and is always  enthusiastic  for learning new things!