Webinars are finding their irreplaceable place in the Employee Wellness Industry. With the use of Webinars, Just for Hearts aims to take a bright step forward in the Health and Wellness Industry.

Our Panel of experts constitutes of highly qualified and experienced Doctors, Specialists, Dieticians, Yoga Instructors, Psychologists, etc, come together to offer Health Coaching, Lifestyle Modification and Encourage Personalized Health with the help of Interactive Webinars

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Major Benefits of Health Webinars:

  • Connect from Anywhere
  • Increased Involvement due to User friendliness of the platform
  • Direct interaction with experts and fellow participants
  • Easier Representation of Information

We offer Webinars to

  • Corporate as Employee Wellness Programs.- Commonly covered topics are Health, Fitness, Current Health Trends, Specialist talks, Yoga / Zumba Sessions, Panel Discussions, etc.
  • Community and General Health conscious Audience, we have Daily Health & Wellness Webinars at 5 pm which you and your family members can join

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