We are pleased to announce start of Virtual OPD for all our patients / families / caregivers who have been part of wellness events / communities / Channel viewers .

Now you can avail Personal consultations from these expert teams easily for common medical conditions as well as second opinion in complicated medical situations. Consultations available as Video Consultations / Text Consultations followed by Prescription / Diet Guidelines / Lifestyle Guidelines sent to you over email / whats app .

Registration to our Platform is completely FREE. Patients and families can create their accounts and update their basic health information. All the data they entered is completely secured and stored as per HIPPA compliance guidelines. With Successful and verified registration, Patients can use a variety of Health Trackers, Free Text Consultations as well as receive daily health updates ( Blog / Videos ). Clinical Notes / Prescriptions updated by Doctors are also easily available for Patients to see and download if required.

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Specialties Available 

Sr No Speciality Brief Descriptions
1 Tele Consultations Consult with Dr Ravindra L Kulkarni , MD DNB FSCAI Cardiology for Heart Disease , High BP , High Cholesterol and other heart related conditions
2 Diabetes Care Plans Consult with Dr. Tejas Limaye, Dt Neha Katekar, Dt Tejashree & Dt Divya Sanglikar  for Better Diabetes Self Care and Prevent complications
3 Weight Watchers Pro / Diet Clinic  

Consult with Ms. Divya Sanglikar and Hear team of Experienced Nutritionists for Personalized Diet Plans, Weight Loss and Diet Advice for common medical conditions

Specialized Sports Nutrition Consultations also available

4 Yoga Classes  Consult with Yoga Experts for Personal Advice. You can also join Online Fitness Classes with Monthly Fees
5 Stress Management


Consult with Experienced Psychologist for Stress Management, De Addictions, Relationship Problems and Child Psychology related complaints

6 Lipid Clinic Consult with Dr. R L Kulkarni for High Cholesterol as well as to maintain cholesterol and lipids in Normal range
7 Ayurveda Consult with Dr. Manisha R Deokar / Dr. Kirti Kakade for Ayurveda Treatment and Second Opinion
8 Cardiac Rehabilitation

Join our Cardiac Rehab courses by a team of Experts – Cardiologist, Diet Expert, Yoga Expert, Psychologist

A must for every patient who has undergone Angioplasty as well as Bypass Surgery

9 Physiotherapy Consult with Physiotherapists for common health and fitness related complaints like Backache, joint pain, frozen shoulder, ligament injuries, etc

Get Started using Just For Hearts Virtual Practice. Download our App Now!