We are pleased to announce start of Virtual OPD for all our patients / employees who have been part of Employee Wellness Programs and our Channel viewers

Its more than 10 years , Dr Ravindra L Kulkarni , Dr Manisha , Divya , Dr Tejas and team is offering personalized Wellness services with the help of Onsite events / Health education Videos and Blogs .

Now you can avail Personal consultations from these expert teams easily for common medical conditions as well as second opinion in complicated medical situations

It is easy . All you need is submit the form for know more / Book appointment an dour Virtual OPD Coordinator will get in touch with you for appointment and Payment details .

Consultations available as Video Consultations followed by Prescription / Diet Guidelines / Lifestyle Guidelines sent to you over email / whats app .

Consultations available in 10 + Specialities
Dr , Dietitian and Experts with more than 10 years of Experience
Personalized Health Consultations done till date ( Audio / Video )

Specialties Available for Virtual OPD

Sr No Speciality Brief Descriptions
1 Cardiology Consult with Dr Ravindra L Kulkarni , MD DNB FSCAI Cardiology for Heart Disease , High BP , High Cholesterol and other heart related conditions
2 Diabetes Care Consult with Dr Tejas Limaye for Better Diabetes Self Care and Prevent complications
3 Weight Management / Diet Clinic / Sports Nutrition Consult with Ms Divya Sanglikar and Hear team of Experienced Nutritionists for Personalized Diet Plans , Weight Loss and Diet Advise for common medical conditions

Specialized Sports Nutrition Consultations also available

4 Yoga Consult with Yoga Experts for Personal Advise . You can also join Online Fitness Classes with Monthly Fees
5 Stress Management  

Consult with Experienced Psychologist for Stress Management , De Addictions , Relationship Problems and Child Psychology related complaints

6 Lipid Clinic Consult with Dr R L Kulkarni for High Cholesterol as well as to maintain cholesterol and lipids in Normal range
7 Ayurveda Consult with Dr Manisha R Deokar / Dr Asmita Itkarkar for Ayurveda Treatment and Second Opinion
8 Cardiac Rehabilitation Join our Cardiac Rehab courses by team of Experts – Cardiologist , Diet Expert , Yoga Expert , Psychologist

A must for every patient who has undergone Angioplasty as well as Bypass Surgery

9 Physiotherapy Consult with Physiotherapists for common health and fitness related complaints like Backache , joint pain , frozen shoulder , ligament injuries etc

How it Works ?

Here are the easy steps to get started

  • Complete the form to know more
  • or just Whats app to number given below
  • Get a call from JFH Virtual receptionist
  • Confirm Consultation Timing
  • Make Online Fee Payment
  • Consult with Dr / Dietitian / Ayurveda Dr / Psychologist / Health Expert
  • Get Prescription / Menu Plan / Activity Plan Guidelines
To Know More Whats app on 9850911269

Request Quotes for Cardiac Rehabilitation Course / Online Fitness Classes


Cardiology Consultation

  • First Time : Rs 1000
  • Follow Up : Rs 750

General Physician Consultation for common health issues

  • Rs 300 for one time consultation

Diet / Diabetes Education / Ayurveda / Yoga / Psychologist Consultation

  • First Time : Rs 500
  • Follow Up : Rs 400

Weight Loss Consultations

  • Rs 1500 per month

Benefits of Virtual OPD

Tech Enabled Virtual OPD by Team JFH allows you to consult with our team of Experts easily 

  • Consult with JFH Experts

  • Dr and Dietitians with more than 10-15 years of Clinical Experience

  • Convenient 

  • Saves Transportation time

  • Good for Follow Up Visits 

  • Ideal for Second Opinion 

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