It gives me immense pleasure to start the journey of ‘HealThy Life’ on this World Health Day! I believe, health starts from the womb! Now there is evidence to show that even pre-conceptional period (health of ‘to be’ parents) is important for improving the health of next generation!! Secondly, parents not only pass their genes but also their lifestyle to the consecutive generations. Considering these facts, we are not only targeting the generation reading this magazine; but many more to come!! ‘Healthy Life’ means life full of vigor, vitality, happiness and peace! With the floods of information reaching us through internet and social media, a common man today is thoroughly confused!! I assure that this magazine will help a lay person to understand scientific knowledge in simple way, know the differences between myths and facts, take informed decisions on healthy lifestyle choices and spread a word of wisdom!

The slogan of this World Health Day says ‘Health for All’. This magazine is exactly aimed at it!! You will find content for various age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, work cultures and disease conditions in coming issues! The theme for this issue is none other than ‘SUMMER’! There are interesting articles, quizzes, success stories and yummilicious recipes! Enjoy this treat and don’t forget to share your views!! Send your comments, suggestions and topics in mind (for further issues) on tejas@justforhearts.org. Those who are willing to write for these magazine, are welcome!! Feel free to get in touch with me.

Wish you all the best for ‘HealThy Life’ (Heal Thy Life = Heal Your Life!). I am sure, our eminent team and experienced guest authors will make the journey towards ‘a better you’ very interesting!

Dr.Tejas Limaye

M.Sc. PhD RD Clinical nutritionist Just for Hearts

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