Video Conultations

We offer Video Consultations for specialities like Medicine, Cardiology, Diet – Nutrition, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Weight loss, De-Addictions, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes Education etc.

It is very easy to check panel Consultants, their credentials, available timing and Book an appointment for your consultations.

Video Consultations are the need of this hour and help to address common health queries as well as avoid frequent follow-up visits to Clinic.

Consult Now

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Patients can view the Experts’ available timings and book appointments easily.

You will also get automated alerts about the status of the appointment .

Health Records

Our app is a very convenient and safe platform to upload Health records so that the Medical team can review and make better-informed decisions about disease management.

Prescriptions, as well as Advice by the Medical team, are also uploaded so that patients can see that easily.

Complete Your Health Profile , Save  health parameters and analyze easily the disease progress.

Remote monitoring

Chronic Health conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Failure, Obesity, etc need regular monitoring of Health parameters and interventions by the Medical team so as to maintain health parameters in the normal range.

This helps in better health/disease management and prevents hospitalizations / frequent complications.

Patients can subscribe to Chronic Care Plans as per their medical conditions.

Remote monitoring with Expert Advice and reminders is available for Hypertension, Diabetes, Pre Diabetes, Weight Loss, COVID Homecare, and Cardiac Rehab.

Notifications & Alerts

Notifications and Alerts/reminders to patients and caregivers help to improve patient compliance and thus make it easy for the Medical team to manage the condition better.

Patients and Caregivers also receive various updates on events, webinars, Q-A Sessions as well as various YouTube Live Sessions which we conduct regularly for Patients and Families.

Timely Patient reminders and regular Health notifications help in better management of Lifestyle Diseases such as Diabetes and BP

Safe Payments

Payments for Video Consultations / Chronic Care Plans are Safe through our App-based Payment Gateways.

e – Prescriptions

At the end of Consultations, patients receive their e-Prescription containing all the medicines and advice from Healthcare experts.

These health records are also saved to the patient’s profile.

Get Started using Just For Hearts Virtual Practice Platform. Download our Android App Now!