What are Face Masks??
Face Masks are made from different types of material. Masks provide barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from spreading into the air.

One should wear mask to protect others in case you are infected by Virus. Masks also helps protect ourselves from infected person.

Does Mask help to prevent the spread of COVID -19?
As we all know, COVID-19 is transmitted from the respiratory droplets of infected person.
When that person coughs, sneezes, or talks or spits. These droplets settle down in mouth, noses, or eyes and hair of peoples who are nearby or when inhaled through nose. Masks are meant to provide a simple step barrier to prevent respiratory droplets to spread into air.

Do we require social distancing while wearing masks?
To prevent one from COVID-19, wearing mask, washing hands as well as social distancing – all are important. Isolation is also one of the key to stop spreading the virus.

Which type of mask can be helpful??
There various types of Masks-
• Medical Masks
They are also known as Surgical Masks.
Made up of Non-woven fabric.
These are three layered masks and mainly used by Health care professionals.
These are not washable, and re-usable.
They need to discarded safely after 8 hours of continuous use.

• Fabric Masks
They are also known as Non- Medical masks
They should be made up of cotton fabric.
For protection from Covid-19, they need to be 3 layered.
They can be washed and used again.
Must be washed by detergent powder and soap after every use.
Need to be completely dried before using washed masks.

• N95 Respirator-
This is made up of polypropylene material.
Should be used by health care professionals who directly come into contact with infected patients.
Not for routine use of the public.

Do’s and don’ts with masks (According to World Health Organisation)

• Use a separate bag for storing mask when you are out.
• Wash fabric masks after every use.
• Remember to wash your hands after removing and storing masks.
• Keep used mask out of reach of children.

× Don’ts-
• Don’t pull the mask below your nose.
• Don’t leave your chin exposed.
• Don’t pull mask below chin.
• Don’t touch surface of Mask while wearing used Mask.
• Don’t wear loose masks.
• Don’t wear dirty, damaged torn masks.
• Don’t share masks.

Where to use Masks-
• While going in public places where social Distancing is not possible.
• If COVID -19 is widely spread in your area, it is must to wear masks.
• While interacting with a person sitting near you.
• If you are not in well ventilated area or in a closed room or in AC room
• When you are taking treatment for flu.
• While going in crowded areas.

When it is not needed to wear masks-
• If you are at home and no one is infected by COVID-19
• If you are able to keep 1 meter social distance from each other all the time.
• While driving alone in car.

Disposal of the Face Masks-
Various kinds of bacteria, viruses and germs can survive on the surface of mask. They can survive few hours to some days. So do not throw used masks in public areas like parks, workplaces, temples, lift, open dustbins etc. It can be picked up by anyone and it will help in spreading infection.

Masks should be treated as medical waste. Keep used mask in zip lock bag and then throw it in medical waste. Wash hands properly after disposal.

So, Masks are very important. It’s a tiny thing but can make big difference in prevention of the COVID-19!