Covid-19 has been a hot topic since March 2020. Everywhere we go, the virus is the only topic of discussion!

It is now becoming a part of our lives and more or less, satisfied or not, we have learnt to digest this difficult fact and are trying to continue our lives. But keeping aside all the cons, I feel this virus has some pros too. 

“I found myself doing so many new things in lock-down which I would have never done otherwise“, the other day one of my friends said which left me pondering and I realised that it is actually true.

In this race of life, our major focus is on earning enough money to live well to do socio-economic life and desiring a good status in our society. In other words, we do all these things only to satisfy our needs. In stronger words – our worldly needs. The self-introspection which is, after all, the most important aspect of each person’s life is neglected in meeting our worldly desires. 

Sometimes, I feel that this lock-down will teach us a new manner of life. So, as the ‘Corona Cons’ are being discussed everywhere, let me tell you 6 easy steps to spread positivity.

How do we start?

Just start with these simple steps-

  1. Meditation- 10 mins of this can do wonders for your mental health.
  2. Gratitude- Practice this feeling of thankfulness in every way possible.
  3. Enjoy the family time– Because, after all, we earn, we slough our lives to live happily and make our family comfortable. So, let’s use this time to enjoy with them around whom our lives revolve.
  4. Exercise- Every day just 30 minutes of any exercise helps to keep our body systems in regulation.
  5. Nutrition- Have a home-cooked meal using simple ingredients and temper it with love. Think about all those striving for a minimum meal and feel blessed. 
  6. Pick up a new hobby- Make a list of things you would like to learn, whether it’s baking, gardening, makeup or hairstyle, now is a great time to start and perfect a skill!

Mother-Earth is rebooting herself and she wants all of us to stay at homes and think where mankind has gone wrong and come out being more humble & kind to each other. 

So, let’s stay positive and be hopeful.