We all are social animals! And yes, being social is integral part of our life but past few months we are all in lockdown situation which had shattered all of us and mostly children as schools are not open and old age people who usually had a routine of meeting friends. As unlock process has begun we all are planning trips or family functions. In short, we all have started travelling!!

Few points mentioned below would help you travel safe.

1. Travel only if you are completely healthy. In case of mild cough & cold or any other small symptom, avoid travelling.

2. As far as possible travel by your own vehicle especially if babies and Senior citizen are with you.

3. Carry 2-3 sets of mask N95 or surgical mask are better than cloth mask.

4. Keep personal hygiene.

5. Carry surface disinfectants, sanitizers and carry hand wash and extra water for washing hands.

6. Carry water bottles and home cooked healthy food wrapped separately for each one for less handling and also you can avoid taking breaks at any outlets.

7. Keep your windows open for good ventilation.

8. Use online transactions for paying bills while travelling.

9. If travelling by public transport – First disinfect the place you will be sitting and also other surfaces like handles or windows etc. Sanitize your hands, wear your mask properly and don’t touch mask frequently. Face shield is also a good option.

10. Keep 6 feet distance wherever possible. Be careful of what you are touching.