Ms.Fatema Malik, Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics (Specialization in Cancer Nutrition). I am Self-employed  Holistic Nutritionist. Since 2011 I am practising with a global presence in countries like USA, UAE, Malaysia, Iraq, Africa and Colombo. I work as consultant for a variety of organizations. I advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goals.

I evaluate the health of my clients based on their findings, diet and nutrition to advise them on which foods to eat—and those foods to avoid—to improve their health. I create nutritional programs based on 5 Pillars of healing i.e. proper Hydration, Exercise, Stress Management, Sound sleep, Quality & Quantity of food.

Sharing some of my clients Testimonials and feedback about my services in their own words

1.In 5 months lost 13.85kg 

“There are lot many changes in my body after weight loss. I am more active and energetic. I learnt to take good care of myself after joining you Fatema ben and last but not the least I love to see myself in the mirror. Now I don’t wait and don’t need someone else’s comment that you are looking slim but I actually feel it. And also my cycles are regular now because of you.”  – Fatema ( Indore)


2.Lifestyle can cure Infertility  

Thank you so much Fatema ben for your guidance in each and every moment in my weight loss journey. I have PCOD and infertility problem but your diet and exercise changed my lifestyle and my body. My weight is under control now and I am 5 months pregnant because of you. Thank you so much for your excellent care and exceptional professional abilities.” -Alefiya ( Madhya Pradesh)


3.Lifestyle cures Gut health

“Joining Fatema ben’s diet program has entirely changed my life for good. I had bloating and was underweight, but due to the proper food and right portion size suggested by her, I was able to achieve my goals. Not only this, but I also got to learn many healthy recipes and exercises . It was only through her that I realized that proper diet and exercise are the only way to achieve a healthy body. I’m really grateful and thankful to you for your guidance and follow-ups. Will definitely recommend you to my friends and relatives.” – Fatema (Kuwait)


4.Lifestyle can Alter Mood Swings too

“With your help Fatema ben, Zainab lost not only  6 kg weight in 3 months but  her constipation problem has also been solved completely  and most important she feels happy and her behaviour is also changed. Earlier she used to get irritated and angry on every small thing. But after your diet she feels energetic and confident.” – Zainab (Ujjain)


5. Weight loss at the age of 50 years

During my weight loss journey I have seen many changes in terms of reduction of my weight. Feeling more energetic with your diet plan and exercises. My body aches are also reduced alot. Your support through out the whole time has been very helpful and motivating.” – Radhiya jafferi ( USA)


6. Lifestyle transformation of young 21 year old guy

He was too much stressed, low in concentration and very much food obsessed or we can say after binge eating only he could calm down himself. Because of all this his weight reaches to 118 kg… He joined me and like a small kid with love, care and with bit strictness we together achieved this result. Today he is 88kg and is maintaining his diet with healthy habits.
Things we kept in mind during the transformation:
1. Patience is the key: It took 9 months for this transformation. Doesn’t happen in one day.
2. Consistency is utmost important: doing exercise daily without fail to get the results.
3. Cheats are a part of the regime: he enjoyed cheat days but strictly followed portion control and also learnt to balance it.
4. Focus on Habits: with counselling and lots of efforts he built a base of healthy habits which helped him achieving the goals.