Top 5 sources of hidden fat in diet, Winter is the season where most weight watchers gear up and start exercising, dieting to lose weight. We all blame the cooking oils and fats when someone puts on weight. We suggest the person to cut down on cooking oils and fried foods. But do you know that certain foods in our diet contain a lot of hidden fat. Have a look at these foods and think before you eat them!

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1 Meat: Meat has rich fat content particularly organ meat and mutton. So always prefer lean meat. It has been observed that in India, meat is cooked using lot of oil or butter and coconut which further increases fat content of the dish. So it is also recommended to cook the lean meat wisely.

2 Whole milk and milk products: Whole milk, particularly buffalo milk has the high fat content. Whole milk products like cheese, paneer, khoa, curds also contain high amount of fat. That is why weight watchers are recommended to use skimmed milk.

3 Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is prepared from egg yolks and eggless mayonnaise is prepared from cream, oil and starchy potatoes. All these ingredients make mayonnaise fatty.

4 Cakes, Pastries and chocolates: You must be thinking that these sweets can add to sugar pool and not fat pool. But you will be surprised to see the amount of fat used while preparation of such foods. Especially milk chocolates, cream biscuits and pastries with creamy coats are very rich in fats.

5 Chips, Fries and movie theater popcorns: Fats make food tasty. And to make these foods your favorites, lot of fats are used. The type of fat used is not healthy too. Therefore it is always recommended to read food labels, check amount and type of fats

Top 5 sources of hidden fat in diet


1. Do not use excess garments or thick layers of clothing or thick blankets during fever. Wear light, loose, cotton cloths.

2. Don’t skip bathing. Bathing in lukewarm water helps feel better.

3. Do not starve. If there is loss of appetite, include small quantities of calorie and protein dense foods such as boiled egg, groundnut laddu, milkshakes etc.

4. Do not perform strenuous activities.

5. Do not take over the counter medications and antibiotics without consulting a doctor. Unnecessary antibiotics can do more harm than good.