Tips Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes Melitus (GDM ) is diabetes first diagnosed during pregnancy. Uncontrolled blood glucose levels can create problems for a mother as well as her baby. GDM can be treated by following a good lifestyle including a meal plan that focuses on balanced diet and healthy snacks.

Healthy food choices will help control blood glucose levels.

Following are important points to consider-

  • Consult a qualified nutritionist to design a healthy meal plan.
  • Have your meals on time. Do not skip meals.
  • Take healthy snacks in the middle of every major meal.
  • Eat a variety of food ( fruits , vegetables, protein, dairy, whole grains)
  • Food portion control – do not take large amounts of the food at a time.
  • Gain appropriate weight during pregnancy as per the doctor’s advice.
  • Regular physical activity like walking, and light exercises would help control sugar.

Foods to limit

  • Avoid food high in sugar.
  • Avoid flavored yogurt , ice creams, juice, dried fruit, bakery food, candy.
  • Avoid fatty food like samosa , kachori , pakoda, chips, burgers, pizza etc.
  • Avoid crackers, soft drinks like cola ,coke .
  • Avoid canned and processed foods.

Tips For Gestational Diabetes

Sample Meal Plan For Women With GDM

* Breakfast:- Boiled egg – 1 + Whole grain bread with avocado dressing or peanut butter OR Sprout chilla with chutney OR Quinoa/ Oats with veggies – 1 bowl.

* Mid Morning snack:- Apple (small) / green smoothie / strawberries / roasted makhana.

* Lunch:- Jowar bhakri + Salad + Leafy vegetable + Butter milk / curd + chickpea curry 1 bowl.

*Evening snacks:- Chiwda namkeen (homemade) / seasonal fruit – 1.

* Dinner:- Quinoa + Veg soup -1 bowl + Cooked broccoli + mixed sprouts.