Simply imagine we have an enormously powerful machine in front of us. It is completely self-operated. It has buttons, each of one, with immense possibilities. It is one of the most sophisticated, advanced, high tech machines, with unlimited potential. But you don’t know how it works. I mean, if it doesn’t come with a manual, how would you use it? Would you be able to run it to its ultimate capacity? Will you not take longer to understand its functioning?

And if I say, I am talking about nothing else but our own human body! Won’t you agree with me? We have this magnanimously able machine with us, but how to unleash it to its full potential is a puzzle for all most all of us! Ages ago our brilliant ancestors have tried to create a manual for the “HUMAN BODY AND FOR PERFECT LIVING.” Ayurveda is nothing but this scientific manuscript for living for 100 years with profound health. How to eat? What to eat? How much to eat? How much exercise one must do? What kind of lifestyle suits us? Why do we feel we are unique? What are different constitutions of the body? Answers to all this questions and more, have been intricately woven into Sanskrit verses of knowledge that must have been hence preserved.

In this series of “THE SECRETS OF AYURVEDA: REVEALED”, we shall discover these answers one by one.

Demystifying the age-old science from those ancient scriptures and bringing it to our lives, has always been a dream for me. As a seasoned Ayurveda practitioner now and as a  growing naive teenager, my interface with ayurveda has always been very close to heart, soothing, reliable and kind of pure. As against the ever changing theories put forth by the Modern science, the principles of Ayurveda never ever seem to deter. The core values still remain the same, even after 3000 years or more.

In the current scenario amidst the Corona crisis, we were once again compelled to pay attention to “Wellness”  rather than  getting treatment after being infected.  The ‘Wellness of Mankind’ has always been one of the very first principle of Ayurvedic Health Science.

“ swasthasya swasthya rakshanam,

Aturasya  wyadhi parimokshanam.”

Which means we must care for wellness of the entire mankind and then if someone falls sick, it is our duty as an Ayurvedacharya to relieve him of his illness.

Another very interesting principle in Ayurveda, is the ‘ Pinda Bramhand  Siddhant’  i.e whatever  happens to be around us in the nature , exactly similar things happen in the human body too! Don’t worry, it might seem difficult. But  I have tried to make it very very simple for you. Now imagine  your body as mother nature itself.Our body comprises of, Vata , Pitta and  Kapha the three basic elements.


‘Vata ‘ can be compared to what wind does for some reasons.It means that it is responsible for all kinds of movements that take place inside our body. Whatever the air, breeze, wind or the storm can do in the outside world, the vata element is capable to do for the inside world. All our bodily functions right from the cardiac activity to the movement of the hands and legs ,to transferring brain waves everything is controlled by ‘Vata’.  Body’s remote control…..hmm…..and trust me! It can create a havoc similar what storms and tornados  create in the environment.


‘Pitta’ on the contrary is the very source of energy, just like the Sun. The creator of life,the very basis of our living without which we can’t survive even for long. Yes , you are right, it helps us digest food, synthesis all those proteins, vitamins, minerals ,everything.It also helps us synthesize information, produce energy in all forms for all activities of the body and mind.But when excess could just burn you up like heat leaving you fatigued and exhausted.Indigestion is the basic sign that your pitta element is dis-balanced, though.

‘Kapha’ is a soothing element , the one who covers up just like water. It creates a calmer , a optimum atmosphere to live just as water does for earth. It is where life began and it constitutes a major part of our body, as water  covers 71 % of the earth. And correct depletion of this element can create dehydration, debility, dryness as draught. Whereas an excess would be all swelling , increased  body tension etc etc.


Folks, the permutation and combination based on the percentage of these three elements lead to innumerable body  types, the uniqueness  we can experience in ourselves. According to Ayurveda every individual is unique, and needs to be catered to, in the same fashion. This uniqueness is what we call ‘ PRAKRUTI’  or BODY CONSTITUTION’. Though, broadly we can classify them into 3 fundamental ones.

Vata Prakruti

Pitta Prakruti

Kapha Prakruti

Did you know? Depending upon our ‘Prakruti’  we show similar features of our body. Like people with ‘Vata Prakruti’ have small sized teeth, tiny eyes….while those with ‘Kapha Prakruti’ have large eyes, shiny white teeth, and darker hair….Do you want to know what is your ‘Prakruti’ ?

Please, do read it in my next blog!