Uncertainty and vagueness is prone to misinformation coming from multiplied falsehoods anywhere from neighbourhood chats to people curious with questions about COVID 19 vaccines.

The most mentioned misinformation this year is the baseless claim that the virus was planned and that the vaccine will be used to track or control people.

Since COVID -19 vaccine is released with it prevailed the unsubstantiated considerations that COVID-19 only kills 1% of the people hence vaccine is not needed. The fact that vaccine is important to protect oneself and others around particularly in those high-risk groups needs more stress.

The isolated reports of allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccine in the United Kingdom has lead to another untrue belief that the vaccine allergies are common and severe. The fact is that hypersensitivity appears to happen in people with pre-existing allergies.

The exit strategy to fight the infection or to stop catching the coronavirus or at least making COVID-19 less deadly is only by having a vaccine.
Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine is a big break through which has been successful in showing 95% effectiveness. This vaccine is administrated in 2 doses, three weeks apart. About 43,000 people have had the vaccine with no safety concerns.

Trials must go on for betterment; it is thought that 60-70% of the global populations must be immune to stop the easy spread of virus to the most vulnerable age group.

In summary COVID-19 has affected people in diverse mysterious ways. Whilst many with COVID-19 only reported a mild illness, others were severely ill and many died. COVID-19 vaccination helps by creating an antibody response without having to experience sickness. COVID 19 vaccines have a potential to stop this pandemic.