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Success story of myself – By Julie Dattani

Feeling so proud to write a story about myself with a drastic difference in me. It all had started probably with my birth. I was always unwell with cold and cough, blocked nose, congested chest. Assuming that my immunity was low as I was a [.....]

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Success Story – Imego… Cocoon to Butterfly!

Helping People for healthy weight loss is my passion. I feel happy when I see how quality of life improves after weight loss. So, here I am sharing a recent weight loss story. About how I helped a Hypothyroidism patient to reduce weight and to [.....]

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A raw and real client testimonial

Client testimonials speak loud for Nourishia services. This real, raw testimonial shared by a client gives me immense joy and work satisfaction. 😊😇 Happy to be able to help her get back on track. Dear Prachi, So the results are out after much excitement. Last [.....]

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Real Life Weight Loss Story By Neha Gore

I am working in this field since last 17 years. I am a certified Diabetes Educator. I am working with those people who are suffering from metabolic diseases like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Insulin resistance, Prediabetes ,Gestational diabetes and obesity. I am sharing the weight loss [.....]

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Success Story – Diabetes Reversal

Hello everyone, Meet Ms. Geetanjali, a 32-year-old IT professional, one of my highly motivated & sincere clients. I would like to share her inspirational success story about how she has reversed her diabetes & reduced body weight without any diabetes medications and any crash changes [.....]

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