Is your Workplace Healthy ?

Is Your Workplace Healthy?
Do you have Occupation Health Services / Health experts at workplace?
Do you have Ergonomically Designed workstation?
Do you have Healthy food choices options available at cafeteria?
Outdoor recreation facilities like volleyball / Basketball court / Bicycle tracks?
Wellness Stations / Resource libraries ?
Accessible stairwells ?
A Confidential Health Risk Assessment?
Health Screening ( Like BP , BMI , Lipid Profile etc)
Flu shots / Vaccination
Customized Wellness programs
Health awareness campaign related to common disease & Healthy lifestyle?
Diet / Nutrition & Weight Management Program ?
Stress Management Programs?
Smoking cessation / De addiction programs
CPR / First aid training?
Wellness News letter?
Wellness Incentives ( Contest / Interdepartmental Challenges )
Would you like to have a call from our Wellness experts to share ideas for Workplace Wellness Events ?

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