Is your Heart Healthy ? Heart disease is the single largest cause of death in India with heart attacks being accountable for one third of all deaths caused by heart diseases.A single risk factor may enough to cause heart disease, but combination of factors increases your risk? Some conditions?as well as some lifestyle factors can put people at a higher risk of heart disease? All we can take steps to lower their risk of heart disease by addressing these risk factors.
This is the self assessment tool to check your risk factors for Heart disease .

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Is Your Heart Healthy?
1. Are you 35 years or above?
2. Do you smoke/drink/ have tobacco in any form?
3. Are you overweight/ obese?
4. Is your lifestyle sedentary?
5. Do you have family history of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes etc ?
6. Do you get stressed or angered easily?
7. You don’t do any kind of physical exercise?
8. Are your cholesterol levels increased?
9. Do you have /had any kind of heart disease/hypertension?
10. Have you undergone any heart procedure like angioplasty/bypass surgery?
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