Feeling so proud to write a story about myself with a drastic difference in me. It all had started probably with my birth. I was always unwell with cold and cough, blocked nose, congested chest. Assuming that my immunity was low as I was a late child, I was going through so many treatments, my parents had tried all possible treatments for me, but all in vain. I suffered a lot through my young days also.


As I moved on to my further studies I came to know something that is called as allergy, still unknowing to what it was. Somehow I thought that I could not tolerate milk. By that time I had a very nice group of dietitian friends who used to attend conferences together and they had seen me suffering from a cold and spending sleepless nights due to congestion. Then I got an allergy test done on the panel milk and milk products. This test left my eyes wide open when I came to know that I was allergic to every form of milk and not only that much, was allergic to animal protein. This all I did on my own when I started with Yoga which taught me to know ‘myself’.


The story does not end here. Now I have stopped drinking milk and milk products. But what about the indirect form of milk coming in a few food items, in India we do not have a proper labelling. The severity was less though, as Yoga had taught me control over a few senses, where I could stop consuming a few food items, but indirect form was still a culprit. 


We all know teaching makes us wiser, when I started teaching Yoga and pranayama, I came to know about a few benefits of some particular pranayama. Now came a twist in my life, the allergy was not gone but the symptoms were relieved, the severity was reduced. Would be very happy to disclose the name of the pranayama ‘Bhastrika’ but that was not all, all of a sudden I had started to have severe pain in my thoracic region. Being a lifetime student of Yoga institute, I approached my madam, she listened to my story patiently and asked my ‘what new have you started’ ? When I disclosed my new regime, she told me that this pranayama requires a lot of strength in the back. Then I started with a few asanas to strengthen my back.


Still not 100% cured, I met a person who taught me a positive attitude towards things which give us pain. A person who brought drastic changes in my life. Today is the day I can claim is a day with no physical, mental or psychological stress. Trust me, now I can eat curd, drink milk coffee, and eat kulfi without any fear. People used to say it was psychological but the solution I found was physical moreover psychological. But the trust in the person who changed my way of living is more appreciable over anything else. I thank each person who helped me get out of this from the bottom of my heart!