Helping People for healthy weight loss is my passion. I feel happy when I see how quality of life improves after weight loss.
So, here I am sharing a recent weight loss story. About how I helped a Hypothyroidism patient to reduce weight and to achieve Hormonal balance.

A 30 year old Lady, 151cm tall and weighing 65 kg joined Gym. She had history of Stress and sleeplessness. She was diagnosed to have Hypothyroidism. Her Parameters were as follows in September 11,2020.

Serum T3- 2
Serum T4- 10.6
Serum TSH -6.26.

Her Body Composition was showing-

Weight- 65kg
Fat %-37
Visceral Fat-7.4

She is a Dancer by profession. But used to feel very tired and her menstruation was irregular. She used to follow ‘Pure Vegetarian’ Diet Pattern.

Dietary changes made by me-
1. Included Fenugreek seeds in daily diet for hormonal balance.
2. Switched to Ginger turmeric Tea than normal tea to reduce inflammation caused by obesity
3. Sugar stopped completely.
4. Told her to avoid Raw Cabbage and Cauliflower.
5. Black Coffee was prescribed as a Pre- Workout meal.
6. Whey protein was prescribed as a complete source of protein.
7. Prescribed Salads and citrus fruits as a Source of Fibres.
8. Increased water intake to 3 liters per day.

* Whey protein.
* Ashwagandha.
* Vitamin D.
* Vitamin B12.

Workout Suggested was-
* Monday – Upper body weight training
* Tuesday- Cardio session
* Wednesday- Tabata training
* Thursday- lower body Workout
* Friday -Aerobics
* Saturday- Full body weight training
* Sunday- Rest day.

Also Suggested to Complete 3000 steps in a day other than Gym workout. She completed them in the form of dance classes and walk.

Her Devotion-
Besides having Hypothyroidism, my client was enthusiastic for doing workout. It was difficult  for her to avoid Kitty  parties in the Hotels. But she sticked to the plan. She used to follow Diet regime strictly as prescribed by me.

Where she found it difficult-

She is fan of Panipuri and French fries. So, for panipuri cravings, I suggested her modification in Recipe. And to eat it as a “Reward” for milestone of 5 kg Weight loss.

And for French fries ,I asked her to make them in Microwave with the use of less oil. And to eat as a reward.

Changes we saw-

She lost 10 kgs consecutively in 4 and half months.
She now feels stress free and very happy after weight loss.
Her periods are regularised.
She feels enthusiastic than before and Stamina for day to day work is also improved.
Dosage of medicines were lowered by the Doctor.

Her parameters after weight loss are done on 16 July 2021 are as follows-

Serum T3-1.52nmol/L
Serum T4- 7.63ug/dl
Serum TSH- 2ulU/ml

Improvement noted in body Composition-
Weight- 55kg
MUSCLE%- 26.
Visceral Fat%-5.5

Now she is leading a happy and stress-free life with regular menstruation. Totally free  from lethargy!!