Hello everyone,

Meet Ms. Geetanjali, a 32-year-old IT professional, one of my highly motivated & sincere clients. I would like to share her inspirational success story about how she has reversed her diabetes & reduced body weight without any diabetes medications and any crash changes in her diet and routine by managing her both personal & professional lives perfectly.

She visited me for her diet consultation for her diabetes and obesity management. I studied all her medical investigations – she was overweight & having uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes for 5 years, was on diabetes medication Glycomet 500 Twice a day.

While talking to her, I noticed that she had a fixed mind-set that, ‘she has to deal with her diabetes and excessive weight for her lifetime by giving up all her favourite foods entirely or resign herself to a lifetime of tasteless food and dependent on increasing doses of medications’.

After understanding her expectations, her challenges, her likes dislikes, eating pattern, her sleep pattern, her digestive health, her comfort food etc. in detail, my first step of counselling was to make her believe that, while taking steps to prevent or control diabetes and overweight one should never get deprived from the food they like or their comfort food, never compromise on their health while following any particular meal plan.

Healthy eating is making wise choices rather than obsessing over specific foods. I assured that she was convinced and prepared a meal plan for her which was convenient, practical and sustainable for her.

I paid attention to some of her food choices, the right combination of nutrients, eating more local, natural, unprocessed foods, also aimed at few lifestyle modifications including regular exercise and focussed on what, when, and how much to eat. She was convinced & motivated to follow the changes in her diet & lifestyle.

After following the dietary changes for 15 days she was feeling energetic, happy, fresh, felt less mood swings, had regular bowel movements, and reduced bloating. And that was her first step towards her journey of diabetes reversal and healthy weight reduction.

As she experienced the positive results, she was more motivated and followed each meal plan and modified her lifestyle. She was regularly monitoring her blood sugar levels at home and used to visit for her follow ups. She faced many challenges to stick to the routine, but as a team, we made it. She was off diabetic medications after 1.5 months of the plan and still maintaining her blood sugar levels without medications with the balanced diet and lifestyle modifications.



Her 3 months’ efforts results are as –

Fasting blood sugar (mg/dl) Post meal blood sugar (mg/dl) HbA1c (%) Body weight (kg) BMI (kg/m2)
Baseline 177 270 7.9 74 28.90
After 15 days 159 237 72.8 28.43
After 1 Month 137 197 70.9 27.69
After 2 Months 105 139 67.4 26.32
After 3 Months 99 110 5.8 64.1 25.00


Conclusions- This case study suggests that such results can be achieved with a more practical and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Moderate reduction in carbohydrate intake, adequate intake of proteins and fibres may be more effective in the Indian population who consume predominantly high carbohydrate meals.

Such healthy modifications may be an alternative to more drastic options such as medications, injections or metabolic surgeries in changing the perspective of a person with newly detected with Type 2 Diabetes from an incurable, progressive disease to a potentially reversible disease, especially in those who are highly motivated to modify their lifestyle as per medical advice.