I am Jayshri S. Toknekar, a consulting Dietician and Ayush certified Yoga Teacher. I have been practicing since last 10 years.  Are you having same queries like all?

How can I reduce weight?

Should I contact a Dietician?

Will she ask me to reduce food intake?

How many days will I have to follow the diet?

I have sleepless nights…….

The complaints, questions are unending…..

Let’s clear your confusion through some success stories of my Patients.

Success story 1:

success story by jayashree

Success story of my first achiever is   Mrs. Snehal Gaikwad a homemaker. When she approached me she had very severe acidity, was Obese and was medicated for High blood pressure. She followed my diet plan with patience and sincerity. Also was a regular member of my Yoga Class.  Within 6 months she reduced about 12 kg.  Her Physician discontinued her Blood Pressure tablet and Yoga became her Life Style as she gave her first level Yoga exam. Her stress level has reduced and last 2 years she has maintained herself.

My analysis and observations for her SUCCESS STORY: Her Determination, self-motivation, regularity, sincerity, consistency, patience, regular timely follow up & faith in Dietitian & yoga teacher were the key points for achieving weight loss.

Feedback of Mrs. Snehal Gaikwad

Age- 37yrs

I am practicing yoga since 2 years. I was suffering from ‘Hyper Acidity’ & ‘High BP’ problem in the year 2018. My weight was 68 kg which was more as per my height.My acidity problem was so severe, that I found difficulty in breathing. I had to vomit after every meal my condition become worse. Then my husband thought I should make some changes in my food habits. We got Toknekar madam contact number from ‘Dhanwantari Hospita’l & we approached her.

Then madam gave me proper diet plan, & suggest me to join yoga classes. According I made changes in my diet & strictly followed it. Then after regular follow ups and yogasana I nearly lost 12 kg.

My BP come to normal doctor advise me to stop BP tablet, Acidity no more. Till today since it has being two years I have kept my weight under control and there is neither acidity problem nor any other health issues. I still follow the same changes and healthy food suggested by madam.

Apart from this my energy level, immunity has increased, stress level, mood swings during periods has lowered. Lastly my confidence has increased.

I would like to thank Toknekar madam for giving me a new life. Because of her kind, caring nature apart from her guidance & teaching it has being possible.

Success story 2

This 21 years old girl had approached me for overweight and PCOS. She lost 18 kg because of her sincere efforts & regularity. She is in contact with me till date and has maintained her weight and physique. Also her menstrual cycle is regularised without any medicines.

These are her serial body composition reports:

success story jayashree

Feedback from her- Starting weight: 66.8.Current weight: 50,9 kg. Health problem: Overweight, scanty and irregular periods. Monthly weight reduction chart: 0.7 to 1 kg every week (3 kgs on an average per month).

My exercise schedule included walk for 30 min, climbing stairs for 20 min and 30-50 rounds of Suryanamaskar in 30minutes. In the evening I did walking for 45-60 min and yoga for 20-25 min. I went through healthy weight loss shedding over 18 kgs in 5-6 months and my body fat percentage has decreased from 42% to 32% under the guidance of Dietitian Jayshri Toknekar. She made me follow easy and simple diet of complete nutrients including carbs and proteins. For later stages of weight loss, she made me follow detox diet for a week that started with liquid and gradually getting heavier from semi-solid to solid, which helped me get rid of the last stubborn layers of fat. My period problem is solved. My stamina has increased. I’ve started looking good that has given me a sense of confidence in myself. I would recommend all the people reading this to follow Ma’ams instructions, you will get to see guaranteed results of your efforts. All the best!!

After reading these success stories, I know you would be interested in some tips. So here we go!

 I am strong believer that diet is not about changing the quantity of food but is about changing of lifestyle. I have observed that when diet is accompanied with yoga sessions including different yogic techniques, the result achieved are better & long lasting. The combination of yoga & diet helps in hormone balance resulting in Normalizing Thyroid levels, Blood pressure, and monthly periods.

  • Also when you start weight loss begin with SIMPLE DIET CHANGES.
  • My diet counselling involves prescribing diet modification to suit their lifestyle & family eating pattern.
  • Remove the myth that diet food is always Bland and boring. I believe healthy food can be very tasty and nutritive. Cooking being my passion I suggest my patients and members recipes of tasty healthy food.
  • Lastly but most important point I have observed that practicing Yoga Therapy helps in calming their mind, resulting in maintaining emotional balance. After which members accept diet changes with a positive note & develop patience, regularity, discipline which form the foundation of success stories of health.
  • Different Yoga techniques and good Diet can reduce Thyroid level, Blood pressure, blood sugar level, Periods irregularity.

 So what are you waiting for? Get started with GOOD HEALTH!