Hello all …

Success is a relative term. It can be defined by monetary gains, property, fame or may be love, affection , family , friends etc. Every field has its own measures of success.

Since 1997 I am working as a nutrition counsellor.  I began my journey  with a health club as a weight management counsellor. Along with weight loss weight gain programs, I was in search of doing something different . So I kept finding unique ways to motivate people to achieve their targets.

I feel the first step of achievement in my career graph was working as a nutrition educator in various schools . This program included presentation of a video and conducting a quiz. At the end of the program the kids used to be so enthusiastic, they used to gather around me as if I was their favourite teacher, shared all the family stories and gave me thank you cards. In those times these small gestures were big achievements of my success stories. Gradually I started gaining confidence that I can counsel kids of every age and got an opportunity to work for competitive swimmers. In the mean time I met Dr Vaishali and Dr Parag Biniwale. Dr Vaishali offered me to conduct nutrition session . This was enlightening as conducting a lecture for well educated pregnant women was something which needed more focus on thoughts, knowledge, and experience. It gave a different angle to my thoughts, beliefs and my confidence just pushing me one step ahead to the success stories.

One day I had call  from a patient, “ Hello mam is it Dr Vaidehi Oak ..? I got your reference from Dr Parag.”

I said “Yes, you are right. But I am not a doctor! I am a dietician.”

“Yes mam, I have GDM”. She sounded very low and desperate to meet as soon as possible. Rather than her I was more nervous because it was skill  where I had to make a high calorie plan with low carbs and multi-nutrients as to meet her needs. Till then I had only made weight gain weight loss plans. My counselling session had boosted her moral. Her sincerity and faith helped me to monitor her elevated glucose levels. She delivered a baby boy with no post delivery complaints. Three months later she invited me to her baby’s naming ceremony and gifted me a saree. I remember the smiling faces of  her family members due to the arrival of their bundle of joy,  the respect they  gave me respect as if I had done a  miracle . later right from infertility to post delivery patients from India and abroad came for consultation for their healthy living and baby’s tomorrow.

Here are few stories  in their own words…

This patient was in Netherlands where they have different protocols parameters. And it was during pandemic when the couple had no support as their family was in India.

“Happy to inform you the arrival of my bundle of joy, baby girl. It was a normal delivery and both doing well. Thank you so much for being such an amazing and inspirational guide and helping me boost my Hb levels within a short span. Also the confidence and support you provided is much appreciated. I am happy to recommend you , You are the best !!!.”

“My decision to have a second child was full of ifs and buts. I was already obese when I conceived and was strictly instructed not to gain too much weight. I was nervous as weight gain would lead to complications in my pregnancy. But Vaidehi mam came to my rescue. Her diet plan worked like magic . The diet plan was very easy to follow. With lots of variety though not intrinsic plans which included my likes and dislikes. she would make minor changes according to my reports ,along with regular walk and I just gained only 4.5 kgs and managed to deliver a healthy baby boy. Mam I cant thank you enough for your support and guidance though we couldn’t meet physically she was connected always on calls and messages”

So today I have every day one success story to narrate of my patients where this article is insufficient. But here is an special incident and success story of a young girl.

“Mam thank you so much for sparing your precious time and offering your guidance to my daughter. Even she was impressed by your overall personality and professionalism. Please always keep her blessed with your guidance.”

Making a sports diet was a challenge because I am not a sports nutritionist. One day I got a message on WhatsApp , Mam I need your appointment for my daughter as she is in sports. I said you send her lets see how I can help her. A tall girl walked in my clinic and at end of session she disclosed she was my schoolmate’s daughter. Recently she was awarded all-rounder player, but my success will be when she would represent Indian cricket team…with this dream of her success  I end my article!