Dr Ravindra L Kulkarni, leading cardiologist and founder director of ‘Just for Hearts’ talks about the impact of stress on today’s youth and suggests ways to cope up with the same.

“I’m stressed” is the most common expression used in today’s competitive world. Ever wondered why? The best people to answer this question will be the students appearing for their 10th and 12th boards. Stress is nothing but a state of emotional unrest which results from excessive external as well as self created pressure on the mind. Generally resulting from pessimism and lack of self confidence, stress is something that eats away at the very personality of an individual.

What are stressors?

Stressors are situations that are experienced as a perceived threat to one’s wellbeing or position in life, when the challenge of dealing with which, exceeds the person’s perceived available resources. Sometimes when people talk about ‘stress’ in their life, they are really talking about stressors; stressors lead to the body’s stress response, and the experience of stress. Stress is very subjective. While stress might enthuse the zeal to prove oneself in an individual, it can at the very same time, bring about a complete downfall in one’s performance

Stress does not occur individually. Other ailments like loss of sleep, depression, blood pressure, diabetes and coronary disorders tag along with it. What is unnerving is that stress is something experienced most by students and young professionals. While earlier, heart problems and cardiac arrest were associated with old age, today in India young individuals are victims of the same and the number is much more than other developed countries. Pressures of studies, deadlines, future, career, etc get the better of them and the resultant mental turmoil leads them to take steps even as drastic as committing suicide. In the last 5 years, suicides in India have risen up to 14.5 deaths per 100,000 people, most of them being in the age group of 15-19 years. Running away from it is not a solution. Stress needs to be fought with; it needs to be taken over.

Coping with stress.

  • Have a positive attitude. You are not the only one with whom things go wrong.
  • Look for solutions to a problem instead of hopelessly cribbing over it.
  • Do not take work or deadlines as pressure, accept them as challenges
  • Indulge in yoga and meditation to ease mental pressure.
  • Breaks are important. Do not work like the world is going to end the next day.
  • Nobody is perfect, hence set realistic goals.
  • Most importantly, be happy. Laugh a lot, it’s a natural painkiller.

Stress is not infallible. The techniques have to be right that’s it. As Aamir Khan put it in 3 Idiots, whenever there is a crisis, just say ‘all is well’. A healthy mind and a positive approach can take you places. Remember:

You can eat an elephant if you eat one bite at a time

-Robert Riley


This article is Authored by Dr. Ravindra L Kulkarni, Founder Director, ‘Just for Hearts’.

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