Global pandemic shut down due to Covid-2019 sets ideal simple living lifestyle example in front of all health workers, children & elderly. Though majority of population is at home due to lockdown, most of the employees are working from home; finally concept of     e-schooling has come to existence, e-lectures for college youth, webinars & online consultations activated for some medical faculties! 

Essential services like Doctor’s, paramedics, Policemen, Sweeper, Cleaners get activated strongly in lockdown period & are working hardly without caring their lives though stress & fear of family life always in mind.

Now sharing my experience – Being a Doctor, working for essential food product packaging factory, I am still working to monitor employee’s health daily in a factory. I belong to joint family of total ten family members, including me, my two married brothers & their wives with their children & my parents. My brothers IT engineers are working from home but I have to leave home for work. 

I use to go comfortably for work but when returning home in the evening, I always have a fear in the mind that I don’t want to become a source of infection to other family members. So to keep away myself from this fear & stress, I keep myself busy in writing on different topics, started preparing video on awareness. I am also doing one hour yoga & meditation daily. This is all to divert my attention and keep myself busy as well as positive!  Lastly I would like to mention, COVID-19 has taught us to stay united & connected mentally. But during this pandemic, don’t forget to follow social distancing physically!