Millet is a small cereal grain but highly nutritious that belongs to the grass family. It’s commonly cultivated in Asian and African countries.Millets is our ancient food, which is used around for centuries as a food groups, but somewhere people forget about magic of ancient food.

But thanks to this COVID situation; millets is again in the spotlight for better immunity!

Millets like Jowar, Ragi, Foxtail, Bajra and other minor millets are very useful, highly nutritious and superior to major cereals. It’s a good source of proteins, complex carbohydrates, dietary fibres, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra (Director, ICAR) and Dr. Balram Bhargava (Director, ICMR’S premier institute national institute of nutrition – NIN), say that phytonutrients also available in whole grains such as millets, enhance both native and adaptive immune function and prevent infection among others.

Millets perform different functions in our body to boost up immune response towards pathogens.

“We have to reboot ourselves by switching to organic and millets”
– Krishna Byre Gowda (Agriculture Minister)