Risk Nothing: JFH Health Carnival at KPIT

A carnival is a celebration of a community by coming together. A health carnival is no different. Celebrate mental and physical health at your workplace while moving a step towards improving it. JFH Health Carnival at KPIT saw huge participation from people. The health carnival had spread a powerful vibe of enthusiasm and energy.

Importance of Health Carnivals

Risk Nothing, Health Carnival advocates employee wellness in a very direct manner by focusing on well-being. It helps to spread the need for employee wellness programs throughout the world and improve the quality of living of every employee. The blood screenings that are provided in the carnival help the employees to keep their reports in the green.

Date(s) – 14/02/2020
10:00 am – 05:00 pm


KPIT Technologies

Hinjewadi Pune , Maharashtra

Risk Nothing

The following camps were done at the JFH Health Carnival at KPIT.

  1. Vision Camp
  2. Dental Camp
  3. Hair Analysis and Expert Guidance
  4. Skin Analysis and Expert Guidance
  5. BCA Checkup

To sum it all up, it’s very important to have health carnivals at your workplace because it advocates employee wellness, general health and life improvement mechanisms.

The blood screening done at KPIT included the following report at a minimal cost. This report was later sent to the employees. It covered the following:

  1. Heart Screening
  2. Liver Screening
  3. Kidney Screening
  4. Thyroid Report
  5. Blood Calcium Percentage

Medical Health Check up at a very affordable price is definitely an important goal of this Health Carnival but fun games, fitness challenges, and other activities help employees to get

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