I am working in this field since last 17 years. I am a certified Diabetes Educator.
I am working with those people who are suffering from metabolic diseases like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Insulin resistance, Prediabetes ,Gestational diabetes and obesity.

I am sharing the weight loss story of one of my patients. She is 40 yrs old lady. She was overweight suffering from PCOS. She was COVID positive in the month of September 2020. Her doctor suggested her to take high protein diet to improve immunity.

So she was eating non-veg food almost 4 times in a week. She has taken lots of dry fruits.Unknowingly taking lots of protein, saturated fats and high calorie rich foods, caused increase in her weight and fat percentage also. She was not doing any type of exercise. Sedentary lifestyle and calorie dense diet changed her body composition. She had fatigue, weakness and irregular menses due to hormonal imbalance.

Here are her brief details-

Name – xyz
Age – 40 yrs
Height – 150 cm
Weight – 67kg
BMI – 29 kg/m2
Diet type – Veg and nonveg
Occupation – Homemaker
Activity – Sedentary lifestyle
Concerns – Irregular meal timings, Obesity, PCOS, Insulin resistance

Advice that I gave her about her diet

  • Lifestyle  modification
  • Change in food choices
  • Quantity and food portion size control
  • Complex carbohydrates combined with protein rich food.
  • Animal protein with healthy  recipes
  • Fiber rich food – salads, vegetable soups and fruits.
  • Variety of colorful vegetables and fruits
  • Water consumption up to 2 to 3 liters daily
  • Regular meal timings
  • Avoiding processed foods and sugary foods


  • Early morning brisk walking for 1 hour
  • Squats/lunges/mountain climbing/Shuttles
  • Evening Suryanamaskar 20 to 25

She strictly followed  diet and exercise regimen. She got results. With these changes, she lost 10 kg of her weight in 3 months! She is very happy and wishes to continue her diet and exercise regimen!