In the past few months, we saw things from a standstill! We have made it through – good job everybody! Through highs and lows, we all have the little things that make us feel better.The undying spirit and the unshaken hope needs to keep going. Instead of looking at what’s depressing, look at what’s a blessing. Let’s all try and find positivity in these times. So here I am celebrating the little things by sharing what made my days better.

On that note this lockdown is definitely helping me try, learn and practice a lot of things. Art helps me to beat the lockdown blues. It reduces my stress and anxiety. My 28 month old toddler and I have a great time together doing a different form of artwork every day. This is his first exposure to different colour mediums and he is enjoying it thoroughly. In fact, he surprised me with his skills. Here are our moments together.

Sweeping, mopping, dusting, cleaning, bedding, laundry – I am considering these as golden opportunity to teach my toddler develop age-appropriate and gender-neutral housework skills. He has actually started helping us out!

In all this negativity the most affected are kids.With work from home this increases the complexities. We are still going with his routine – fixed sleep time and mealtimes. I am trying to develop tasks that tap his passion. We plan different activities per day. Storytelling, reading books, singing nursery rhymes, dancing with him,learning new things, watering the plants, playing whatever he likes -lego, jenga, puzzles, hide n seek, playing during bath, etc this is how we bond and enjoy our time together.

Another positive in this lockdown is time to enhance my culinary skills and embrace waste-free cooking. Cooking for me is building a library of flavours, aroma and emotions. Nostalgia. Cooking is love made visible. Sharing here a few of my quarantine cooking and baking (No fancy ingredients. Cooked with whatever I got weekly).

We exercise together as a family. My toddler now knows how to do a suryanamaskar. It channelizes his energyand we can stay fit. 

We have quality communications with a friend or family member everyday via phone or video call. This way he knows and remembers them. 

Amidst all the COVID-19 doom and gloom, keep your spirits alive. Close your day, every day with a positive acknowledgement of something you learned, accomplished or are grateful for. This too shall pass. 

Stay home, stay safe!

Spread love, radiate positivity!!