As India goes through nationwide lockdown, we are reminded of phrase ‘collective effervescence’, coined by French sociologist Emile Durkheim 100 years ago to describe the shared emotional connect people experience during religious ceremonies. According to Durkheim, a community or society may at times come together simultaneously communicate same thought and participate in same action.

We’ve all been dealing with huge changes to our lives because of quarantine. As with everything else, Ramadan under lockdown will probably different this year in both positive and negative ways. On one hand we may have more time to rest, spend on spiritual growth; on other hand we might feel isolated, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Following simple timetable, doing household work & exercise; here are few things that can help stay positive:

  • Follow fixed routine
    1. Meditation &stay active: Ramadan is a time where we push ourselves to be best we can be. Pray more, read Qur’an increase our charity and good deeds. Think about personal goals create a to-do list, including plenty of time for rest, enjoyment as well as spiritual matters. Prayers and meditation give spiritual foundation.
    2. Gratitude: Water supply and electricity is uninterrupted, garbage collection as well as sewage system, are working well. So many healthcare workers are putting themselves in risk to serve society.When contemplated, we bound to develop sense of gratitude.It makes us contented, its greatest wealth.
    3. Set realistic goals: Do household chores with joy and awareness, it becomes a meditation exercise. Gardening combines mindfulness with physical activity, so does yoga. Stay active both physically and mentally. Have a favorite hobby which can be done indoors? Make time for it every day take this opportunity to do something you never had time for.
    4. Clean your social media: Mute or un-follow accounts that might be unhelpful for positive mind-set during Ramadan.The headlines are depressing. Many of us are spending time watching news, which makes us psychologically anxious. Limit it to just once or twice day.
    5. Forgiveness: Developing goodwill for others is forgiveness. Forgive anyone who has hurt you in anyway, directly or indirectly. Forgiveness has quality of lightening mind.
    6. Helping others: The pandemic is disproportionately hard on poor & migrant labour. Helping others in various ways is not only duty as good citizen but also a great way to keep a positive mental frame.
    7. Stay connected: Ramadan is usually a social/ communal time. So without usual trips to mosque, big group dinners and evening social events Use free video calls to stay in touch with loved ones, especially at iftar times so can celebrate getting through the day together! Find out mosque or Islamic centre is hosting virtual events. In Islam, even a smile is considered charity, so if volunteering isn’t for you, don’t be shy to get on a video-call and show those teeth to someone who needs cheering up!
    8. Be kind to yourself: Use this time to realise how often you say or think negative things about yourself. Every time have a negative thought, try to be mindful of and replace it with a kinder thought
    9. During ‘Lockdown Ramadan’ take Extra care of yourself by:Taking naps! Don’t over-exercise.Get some fresh air and sunshine. Hydrate at night. Drink plenty of water & avoid caffeine which can affect your sleep and dehydrate you. Don’t fast if your doctor tells not to.Remember Qur’an tells us we are excused from fasting when we’re sick.
    10. You are not alone: Remember you are not alone and together we can get through this..

How has it changed our lives?

Humanity is going through unprecedented times. The coronavirus lockdown and news, can have negative impact on mental state it has put strict restrictions on all our preferences — what we eat, where we go, and much more. Though it is a dire need of hour, we have become more responsible regarding maintaining hygienic habits and help others in upholding them. Since remaining in isolation is necessary, we also need to ourselves socially distanced from our friends and relatives. We have been advised to drink warm water, boost our immunity with healthy and home-cooked food.Yet it’s true, that it has disrupted our lifestyle&find it hard to get along with. But health is wealth, we need to adapt to it forwell-being of ourselves as well as society