10 years of Corporate Wellness

Pricing, Just For Hearts is just not a wellness service provider, but it’s a promise of a better life which was fulfilled with more than 10000 Corporate events in the last decade. Experienced Healthcare Profesionals with more than 20 years of clinical experience , the centralized App & ERP based operations, agile support staff for the grievance matters, contemporary feedback methods & unique blend of wellness experts have created a great impact in making us India’s #1 Corporate Wellness Service Provider.

Resources used for Workplace Health

Employee Assist Programs
Education – Talks , workshops , webinars etc
Digital Health Tools
Flexi Work Schedules

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Events / Webinars

Rs12000per event
  • Good for small size companies or beginners
  • Duration : 60 min
  • Expenses like Travel , Poster Printings as actual and extra
  • Examples
  • 1 Diet Awareness Sessions Conducted by Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist Topics ex Weight loss management, Healthy eating choices, Lifestyle modification, Kids Diet
  • 2 Fitness Sessions: Conducted by – Certified Fitness trainers Topics: Zumba, Yoga, Office Yoga, Masala Bhangra, Meditation and Pranayam
  • 3 Laughter Therapy/Yoga: Conducted by – certified yoga trainer Session of instant mind and body relaxation
  • 4 Mental Healing: Conducted by – Certified Clinical Psychologist on Topics: Music therapy, De-addictions, stress management therapies, Mental awareness
  • 5 Disease Awareness Talk: Conducted by- Experienced Doctors Topics: Awareness sessions on various diseases, Disease management,

Screenings / Workshops

Rs18000 per day
  • Good for companies having regular wellness events and want to try newer appraoch
  • Duration 90 min to 4 hours
  • Expenses Like Travel , Food Purchases for Live Kitchen as actual and extra
  • Examples
  • 1 Sound healing/meditation therapy Conducted by- Specialised Trainers for Sound Healing/ yoga trainers Sense of relaxation with sound vibrations
  • 2 Office Olympics Conducted by – Certified Fitness Experts Series of 3-4 fun games played onsite
  • 3 Nutrition Carnival Conducted by- Certified Dieticians 2-3 diet related activities, games which give a brief on importance of nutrition
  • 4 Live Kitchen Conducted by – Certified Dietitian 2-3 healthy, easy to cook recipes demonstration followed by its nutrition importance. Material is arranged by the expert.
  • 5 Fitness Battle/challenges Conducted by wellness coach/ Fitness coach. Onsite activity for 1-1.30min 3-4 fitness challenges to test the fitness level of employees and have fun

Lifestyle Modification Programs for Rs 750 per Employee

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Employee Wellness at Rs 18000 per month

Pricing, If you are a start up or mid sized company 9 Employee size up to 500 ) with no dedicated team to manage the Employee Wellness services , then we are the best partner you can have on board . Our dedicated Wellness manager will take care of all your company wellness needs .We offer bundle of services on fixed monthly fees. We offer same services to Partners , Insurance Brokers who have to manage Wellness Portfolios of their accounts .

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Health Check Ups

Pricing, We offer onsite health check ups as a part of Health Promotional and Health Awareness drives . This helps us to have baseline data , which can be used to identify common health issues and design risk factor modification programs / wellness calendar for the company .

We also undertake Health check ups as per Factories Act , which are executed under supervision of Certifying Surgeon .

Bio Metrics / BCA

Rs300per person
  • Minimum Expected count : 150 Employees per Day
  • Can have additional teams if participation is more
  • Reports – Soft Copy followed by Dr Consultation
  • Option 1 : Basic Health Check up (Physical Examination, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Random Blood Sugar)
  • Option 2 : Body Composition Analysis (Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Total Body Fat Percentage, Muscle mass Percentage, Visceral Body Fat Percentage)
  • Option 3 : Basic Health Screenings (Pulmonary Function Test or Bone Mineral Density Test or ECG or Individual Blood Tests)

Onsite Employee Health Check Up

Rs750per employee
  • Good for companies which need to do yearly check up
  • All medical reports along with the Form 7 for the company signed by Industrial surgeon will be submitted to the company
  • Complete analysis of the check up done and next wellness action plan for the company complementary .
  • Package Details :
  • 1 Physical Examination Height, Weight BMI BP Measurement Pulse Rate Occupational /Family History Vision Checkup (Near, Far, Colour Blindness Test)
  • 2 Lab Tests : Haemogram Content (Complete Blood Count) WBC / RBC Hemoglobin PLT Count Differential Count MCHC,MCV,MCH MPV,TRDW,CBC Blood Sugar (Random) Urine Test (Routine & Microscopic)
  • 3 Non Lab Test : ECG PFT Computerized & Lung Function Test Audiometry Test by Audiologist

Besides onsite health check ups , we also offer Annual Health Check ups / Pre Employment Health Check ups for companies with the help of our Network of Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers at pan India level .


To get quote , please share the test requirements along with employee count , city details to operations@justforhearts.org

Our Wellness manager will respond to your queries with details in one working day .


Telephonic Diet Plans

If you have attended our events / webinars and you want to consult with our team of Dr / Dietitians / Lifestyle coaches , we offer Telephonic Health Consultation , Plans start from Rs 150 only . Pricing

Pricing Good for Advise on Weight Management , Chronic conditions like Heart Disease , Diabetes , thyroid as well as Quick Help in common illness like Fever

Disclaimer : This is not a substitute for in clinic check up by Doctor & only advice and no prescriptions are offered . And is not recommended in case of Health Emergency .

Diet Plan for Rs 450 : Pay NOW

Strategic Tie Up


If you are Health Brokers / TPA / Company working in the field of Employee Wellness , we will be happy partner with you after mutual agreement of terms & conditions for operations . We can offer all our wellness expertise to design wellness programs and white label services to you with nominal monthly cost

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Write : network@justforhearts.org

Call : 91 20 27293337

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Social responsibility

Pricing, Leadership comes with great responsibility towards your people. Being India’s leading Corporate Wellness provider, it is our basic duty to reach out to each and every sector of the society & make a difference in their life with our expertise and quality services. We aspire to make this world a better place to live which will happen only when people are healthy & happy.

With this purpose and will to give back to the society, we started reaching out to remote villages, social community gatherings, schools, orphanages to instill the importance of healthy life & to provide basic assistance of health screenings at their door step.

3 rd Sunday of every month is dedicated to Rural Wellness Program when team travels all the way to the destination for various health checkups. While other team members engage in a monthly activity in and around Pune for activities like Blood Donations camp, awareness programs, sight visits and many more.

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