Annual Health Checkups

With increase incidences of Lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Heart attack, we now recommend Preventive Health Checkups to every individual over 35 years of age .

With a lot of Health checkup packages available online, it is confusing at times to person to select the best suitable package

We recommend CBC, Vit b 12, Vit D, Liver Function, Kidney Function, Thyroid Function, Lipid Profile, HbA1C, Calcium to be part of any health check-up package you undergo.

Additional Non-Lab tests like Chest X-ray, USG Abdomen, 2 D Echo, and Stress Test ( TMT ) should also be considered after consultation of Lab Reports with the Doctor.

Periodic Health Check

Based on Annual Health Checkup findings, certain tests need a follow-up test after 3-6 months.

Example _ Lipid Profile every 6 months, HBA1C every 3 months, Thyroid Function Test every 3 month, B 12 levels after treatment, etc

Don’t forget to do these checkups once your Doctor has advice

Our app helps you to set up reminders for these follow-up health checkups easily.

Expert Consultation

Whenever you undergo health checkups, make a point to discuss each and every report finding with Doctor. Nowadays with advances in Technology , you can consult Doctor over Call / Video / In Clinic.
Just For Hearts Doctors and Health Coaches are always available for your help .

Health Monitoring

Once you have undergone health checkups and consultation, it is now your responsibility to keep track of various health parameters like Pulse, BP, Weight, Exercise etc, and track the progress of your health.

Our Health trackers which are available completely Free help you in monitoring your own health.

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