Covid- 19 Pandemic changed the situation of world health. With no anti-virus, the only solutions left to fight COVID were
1- Social distancing
2- Maintaining self-Hygiene
3- Improve our Immunity

Fear of being affected by COVID, Lockdown, Financial slowdown, increased of death rate, loss of relatives and family members created psychological effect on the society.

In this period, there was increased awareness and use of Yoga and Ayurveda among people. As a dietician and yoga teacher even my consultancy and yoga classes were closed. But with constant feedback from my clients and patients regarding depression, excessive work from home time in addition to increased daily family responsibilities, and loss of mental peace, I started online Yoga and Pranayama classes.

Some of my clients and some close family members were affected by COVID. But they could handle the situation positively maintaining their mental health and in their feedback they mentioned that Yoga (Asana and pranayama) played a very important role.

During this period as a social initiative YOG VIDYADHAM – NASHIK, a leading Yoga institute started Special Free COVID workshop for COVID Patients under the guidance of Dr. Mandalik Guruji. The workshop included special Asana, Pranayama, Mantras, naturopathy home remedies, diet, and yoganidra for COVID patients. Yoga Teachers associated were trained to take the workshop, I was one of them. It was a good opportunity to serve the society. After posting on social media I got enquiry from about 280 members, out of which almost 70% were COVID patients.

As COVID positive report was compulsory to be attached for registration, total 100 patients registered and finally only 60 started attending classes of which about 30 patients completed the workshop and benefitted from it. 5 patients among them have continued YOGA practice regularly.

Now I would like to share some observations, feedback and conclusions

a- Theworkshop course designed by YOG VIDYADHAM –NASHIK was very good.
b- Since the course was free people just enquired but were not serious about it.
c- When COVID 19 positive certificate became mandatory, people were reluctant to share their names and details. (This reflected the social insecurity of being registered as a COVID patient)
d- Teaching the patients to acquaint themselves to online camera and proper setting of the web camera was a task. People who registered and filled form refused to keep their cameras ON during actual classes (thus reflecting the social insecurity of not disclosing their identity).
e- Those who sincerely completed the course were very happy and satisfied and their important feedbacks were:
1- They felt secured
2- Course helped to increase their flexibility
3- Their fear and negativity was reduced
4- Patients recovered their confidence for getting back to normal work.


  • Thank you mam, although attended few sessions, it was great experience. I owe gratitude towards the good work done by you. Thank you once again.
  • Thank you ma’am for this wonderful session. I had joined for only few days but that one hour everyday was very relaxing. Your voice is very gentle and soothing.
  • I am feeling bad as I missed the earlier days of your session. And yes ma’am Yognidra was very calming and relaxing. Thank you so much for the session.
  • Thank very much mam. I used to go to gym before lockdown. But in lock down and in WFH mode and after suffering from Corona I had given up all kinds of exercise. However after attending these yoga session I am feeling energetic, fresh and calm. This class helped me get over the inertia and I have slowly started doing exercise now.
  • You have been very patiently taking the session. Thank you very much for all the dedication and guidance.
  • मॅडम धन्यवाद काल आणि आज सांगितलेला योग निद्रेबद्दल शरीरा मध्ये खूप चेंजेस आलेले आहे आपण खूप सोप्या पद्धतीने आणि चांगल्या प्रकारे समजावून सांगितले. आपले मनापासून धन्यवाद!
  • Dear Madam, I have attended any yoga class for 1st time. Yogasanas you taught have really helped. I will definately do the asanas regularly. Yognidra was a wonderful experience.Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance that too without any monetary benefit.
  • I am quite satisfied by attending the session. Relaxed sleep, mind, and inspiring yoga for daily routine are developed. Thanks for yognidra, suggestions n discipline. Thanks for your contribution towards COVID +ve.

Looking at physical and mental improvement of a workshop members, a leading local newspaper from Nashik “GAVKARI” appreciated the efforts taken by the institute and published the same in their newspaper.