It is very important to clear cough and phelgem from lungs. The active breathing technique will help to clear out sough from chest. The exercise includes three simple breathing techniques.

1. Gentle breathing: Breath in and out in a relaxed manner.

2. Deep breathing: Take a deep breath in slowly and breathe out without putting any pressure. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

3. Forced expiration: Take in a medium size breathes and breathe out forcefully and quickly.

These three simple techniques will help you to clear cough from lungs and also help strengthen the lung muscles. Increase the repetitions and time gradually upto 10 to 15 min as you feel comfortable.


1. Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water in the form of sherbet or liquids. If you have a scratchy throat or dry cough prefer to take lukewarm water.

2. Healthy and balance diet will help in boosting recovery.

3. Diet should be well cooked and easy to digest.

4. Homemade food which includes variety of vegetables, fruits, milk and poultry should be consumed.

5. Include protein rich foods like pulses, legumes, peanuts, milk, yoghurt, cheese, soya, eggs, fish and chicken.

6. Nutrient dense foods to be consumed to improve immunity. Include Seasonal fruits, nuts and seeds.

7. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

8. Take medications as prescribed by the doctor.