When the lockdown was declared, I was in shock. ‘How to manage it’ was an issue. Slowly, it got absorbed. Now the life has taken a different turn which was not dreamt of. The journey has been very beautiful. No time bondage, no stress, all family members are together. Spending a quality time with all family members, getting back again to childhood memories – playing cards, board games was lots of fun. Cooking with spouse was very beautiful experience! Cooking new recopies was a real fun.

I had not imagined that we can do exercise effectively at our home also. But it was possible. Daily 45 minutes home workout was a really enjoyable. Daily exercise has helped keeping weight stable for all of us. We are feeling light, active and fresh.

Children who were always with their mobile phones and friends are actively participating in household work. This was a real big and very positive change. They are a big help in different activities at home. Household cleaning is our motto now. Everybody is putting in efforts to clean. It gives a lot of satisfaction when you do all your work on your own. Healthy conversation with all family members has been a big plus. Our family bonding is stronger now.

This is also the time to do some creative work. I started writing articles on different topics. Listening to music is my passion and I am enjoying it a lot. Due to this lockdown there was no air pollution due to which looking at the sky and listening to chirping of birds, enjoying rain in an open balcony, enjoying sunset was possible. All these are memories which will be cherished for life time!

A realization that our needs are not much but we are just running after time and money has happened. We were so busy with our work no time for our precious belongings. Due to the lockdown, there was a lot of physical and mental stress which may have caused various health problems in future. But now this self realization has changed our mindset. We will now carry our daily routine, but without disturbing our inner peace.