Corona virus epidemic has stretched around the entire world.It’s an entirely new experience for most of us. It’s a much needed moment to evaluate how our lives have changed.In this article I have shared my personal experiences highlighting positive impact of lockdown period.

  1. Self–Reliant: This lockdown period has made me self-reliant in managing household tasks nicely which earlier was considered quite tough without the help of domestic workers.  Getting work done from her on time used to make me anxious and depressed sometimes; that feeling has vanished now! Otherwise the mere thought of house help not turning on a particular day would make me panicky.
  1. No Distraction:  in terms of doorbell rings, no couriers to be received, no unexpected guests. This further gives peace & allows me to work at my own pace and able to set my priorities.
  1. Perfect utilizationof money as a resource. Lockdown period has been quite effective in optimal utilization of money as a resource. No wastage in terms of money spent on buying extra clothing, jewellery, visit to shopping malls, eating outside & partying around. Rather money is spent in good ways.
  1. Picky eaters turned as food lovers:  It’s like the dream coming true for me. All picky eaters in family have started relishing all food items served at the table. They have begun appreciating my culinary skills.

Focused aim: All endeavor’s are undertaken to achieve healthy lifestyle, building up immunity , eating balanced diet,practicing yoga in morning & evening hours.

  1. Alertness in sanitization practices: Be it at home, in kitchen or when outside for grocery buyingto prevent spread of infection against corona virus. Eventually this will become a regular habit.
  1. Rebuilding ties with friends &relatives: This lockdown period has given opportunity to, chit-chat with friends & relatives over video-calls, refreshing memories.
  1. Self- Control: This lockdown period has inculcated patience while adjusting to the prevailing circumstancesas during this lockdown period all personal choices cannot be nursed.

In short,by confining myself to home was never easy for me, but this lockdown period has made me realize that one can very well manage things.It’s just that we have to limit external dependencies in our lives going forward.