Patient Health Records

Our Platform / App offers a variety of Health Trackers completely free to all registered and verified  patients and caregivers

Commonly used Health Trackers include Blood Sugar, HB A1C, Blood Pressure, Waist circumference, BMI, Food Intake, water Intake, Renal parameters, Thyroid Parameters.

These health trackers are a good tool for normal individuals also for better health.

Patients can also save their Lab reports, prescription images, and past health records .

Monitor Progress

Regular and consistent entries of various health parameters like BP, BMI, Weight, Sugar, Cholesterol, etc helps to have a clear idea of disease progress as well as treatment efficacy.

This data when shared with Doctors , helps them to make better decisions in the management of patients.

Health Journal

Our Platform / App offers completely private data storage for patients and caregivers to save their health records.

These records are visible to our experts/doctors only when the patient allows them.

Integrate Devices

Patients can sync and share the data from their devices like I Health, BP Machines as well as Glucometers. 
This automation helps caregivers as well as Doctors to have a clear and real-time idea of the Health status of Patients. 

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