Yoga isn’t just the trend!

Yoga isn’t just the trend!

The origin vyutpatti of the word yog is Sanskrit dhatu verb yuj, it means to come together, to connect. Yog awakens our soul and connects us to the universe. The five elements panch mahabhuta are represented by our five fingers and have an association with five senses. The position of each finger in yogmudra and pranayama has importance too. The imbalance of these Pancha mahabhuta creates three doshas in our body vaat, pitta, cough. Yog gives you relief from these three doshas.

Yoga is not just a trend! It has a base of tremendous study with scientific as well as spiritual approach. Let’s grasp it to possible extent. Here are all 20 days yoga poses.

Major Benefits of Online Yoga Classes:

  • Connect from Anywhere
  • Increased Involvement due to User friendliness of the platform
  • Direct interaction with experts and fellow participants
  • Limited Participants
  • Personalized Attention
  • Separate batches for Medical conditions , ANC Care


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