Toddlers are mostly very active human beings among all age groups! To keep them energized, good and nutritious food is a must.
Being a parent most of us are worried about nutrition as it plays super important role in health. It became a challenge in this pandemic as it will continue for several more months where we have to keep the kids infection free.

Inadequate nutrition and wrong food habits may result in under or over nutrition which may result in deteriorating immunity.

Here are some pointers to remember:

1) Since the playtime is fixed at home and there are less outdoors many underlying factors are responsible which may affect appetite, allergies, ignorance, dislike, like, and even general feeling of being unwell.

2) Discipline must be incorporated among toddlers and it can be done only by structured meal time. It can help to understand the need of feeding and cause of low appetite.

3) The meal time environment is a place which we often overlook. Always check that is it the place that’s enjoyable to eat? If it’s not that struggle a little to make a fun place by bringing some favourite toys, singing rhymes and doing conversations. Always remember to discipline them to sit at table and chair and not to roam around home. Try to avoid mobile and television while eating.

4) Toddlers have tendency to copy. Always remember to schedule your meals along with them. If your little one doesn’t see you eating they aren’t going to understand the importance of food and learn the skills of eating.

5) Never insist them a simple interaction can always help to take a bite in and try to take the pressure off while eating or introducing new food. Use words like that’s ok, you don’t have to eat it more often.

6) Encourage to eat variety of food by exposing your toddler to a variety of textures, tastes, colours, the more the variety the more will be the interest and the more will be the intake.

7) Avoid readymade, packaged food, sugar drinks as they contain high amount of salt, sugar, fat and chemicals and can cause damage to teeth and development.Interact them in home cooked food offer them as per their interest.

8) Water is mostly ignored by toddlers always remember to give 5-8 cups of water to keep them hydrated.

Remember every child is different it’s ok to be fussy sometime. This does not mean that they are going to be like that forever and even if they are… they will be okay with good care!