Try this yummy, nutritious and easy recipe during your fasts!

Ingredients for Apple banana dates smoothie

1 fresh apple
1 fresh banana
4-5 dates
200-240 ml milk

Serving: for 1 person (1 glass)

Preparation of Apple banana dates smoothie:

1. Peel out apple. Though it will lose some amount of nutrients especially fibres, but for smoothie you can peel out the apple.
2. Cut apple and banana into small pieces.
3. Remove seeds from dates or else use seedless dates.
4. Add all above ingredients in a mixer or grinder. Add milk.
5. Grind well.
6. Garnish with pieces of dates and serve.

Nutritional Significance:

It is a low calorie dish, with good amount of proteins, fibres, vitamins (vitamin A) and minerals (potassium and iron). You can add other fruits also instead of apple or banana such as strawberry, chickoo or custard apple.