Who is a mentor?  A mentor helps you to see the hidden talent within yourself , explore your own qualities, focus on your skills and grow. Knowingly or unknowingly her behavior gives you the instruction to take good steps and the path of life. Her role is to provide special attention towards you. To have someone as a mentor itself is an honour in the life!


Today I thank god for blessing me with this honour and sending such a wonderful and versatile person as my woman mentor. I also  thank  Tejas for such a unique activity which has given me the opportunity to express my feelings and gratitude towards my Idol. Right from the day this competition was announced, I am struggling for words as I am extremely poor in writing skills. 


The moment I decided to pen down my thoughts, so many wonderful memories and incidences flashed in my mind which I would love to share with you all. My emotions are blocking my words! My mentor has an amazing quality of expressing her thoughts with simplicity and catch the readers mind. With great efforts and her blessings, I will try to express my feelings for her. I know you all are eagerly wanting to know her name and hear about her… but then you need to read my article till end!


Right from our childhood, so many women personalities like mother, grandmother, aunts, teachers, friends, sisters, colleagues play an important role in our upbringing and influence our life. But there’s one such person who plays some magic on you. Here is the story about me and my mentor. 



My friend had fixed my appointment with my gynaecologists  as  I was expecting. As it was my first visit, my hands were cold, and little palpitation due to fear and anxiety. As soon as my name was announced, I entered mam’s cabin and sighted a sweet gorgeous well dressed up charming lady sitting inside. She looked up in my eyes and asked me how are you? I felt wow what a cute Doctor she is! Her gesture was so pleasant and relaxing for me. My all stress and fear had disappeared in those few minutes. Her friendly talks had already boosted me and made me comfortable. 


Till my delivery, some stressful events occurred which made my bond somewhat more special than a patient. For the world she was a leading Gynaecologist Dr. Vaishali Biniwale but for me she had become my friend philosopher and my elder sister – My Vaishali Tai! She literally took care of me like a sister and because of her talent and experience, I am blessed with two lovely daughters. 


She has not changed my life by making me a mother but has also helped to attain a good carrier path. She gave me the opportunity to conduct nutrition lectures in her antenatal class and recommended my name to various institutes. This was a booster dose as I had an inferiority complex about my profession as a Dietician. Whatever skill I have in writing articles conducting diet lectures is all because of Tai. Her personality is an example of ‘where there is will there is a way’. After working in an  emergency faculty she enjoys social gatherings welfare programs treks cycling treks, she loves sweet and exploring new places and shopping for loved once , And I am always in that list . She never forgets my birthday and makes it special by gifting some lovely surprises.



She has enlightened my life with all positivity. Today whatever good things I am doing are all because of Tai. I stop here because I am lacking the words to express about Vaishali Tai. So I just thank her once again for being part of my life and making it as beautiful as you are!