A mentor is one of the most important persons in one’s life with a key objective of bringing significant positive impact in mentee’s choices and decision making.

When I attended my first class at London Metropolitan University, I was inspired to pursue PhD and considered becoming a Professor. Studying abroad out of your cultural set up is challenging and calls for crucial perspective and mentorship. Saying so, I was fortunate to have mentors who were distinguished academicians with such motivating persona that brought the best out of me.

One such mentor was Prof. Dr. Dee Bhakta, the course leader for Human Nutrition (Public Health/Sports) M.Sc. and a senior lecturer in Health Sciences (Human Nutrition) at London Metropolitan University where I accomplished my M.Sc.


image courtesy: https://www.londonmet.ac.uk/

It is worth noting that mentoring is more of teaching, guiding and providing direction. Mentorship entails growth and plays a very vital role in shaping our future. Dr Bhakta has always been kind as a friend, approachable, compassionate, open-minded and a good counselor.


Statistics classes with her generated new interests to pursue PhD. I particularly liked her for her simple approaches to show us beneficial things.


She always smiled when she entered the classroom and also shared her experience with me of becoming a registered Dietician in Canada as I was heading to Canada after my Masters in England. She was an instructor with great aptitudes of educating, well-disposed nature and approachable.

Most importantly a teacher brings out the best in you. With her continued guidance and support I was able to achieve funded scholarship for PhD in UK. Since I moved to Canada my mentor had arranged a Skype interview for my dissertation and I was able to conclude my masters obtaining merit.

There are various impacts that mentors have in my growth and understanding. Some impacts are diligence to work, commitment, time management and focus. That is why I believe teachers hold one of the most influential jobs in our society.