It all started the day I started my job as a Yoga instructor. I was not that fond of devices, which has become a part of my life now. This is a person that encouraged me and suggested topics for my articles, made my life easy by introducing me to some easy ways of using devices. When I was about to quit the job of teaching online as I was not comfortable, this mentor of mine gave moral support by saying that life is changing from offline to online nowadays. Technology made my life easy after I was introduced to it so well. 


This is a person who brought so many changes in my life by showing me the mirror, and explaining to me that you are worth a lot, always saying I should not stop, I have much more ability to do so many more things. In Spite of not being in touch, the thoughts always made me think that I have to complete the target set by me for 2020, which made me clear my level 3 exam, which was next to impossible without the support. Still not stopping there, it made me move forward to start a new course, which only I can start and make every student of mine reach a step ahead.  




I cannot think of a life without a mentor, which made me get back to all the things I used to do, but had forgotten about all that in my busy life. This is a person who came in my life as a change-maker complimenting me always for the good. I had never thought that I would even open a Bhagwad gita, but this profession made me read the Bhagavad gita and made me think and understand the true meaning of Yoga, which I used to teach but was unaware of! 


The mentor is a person who showed me the true meaning of Yoga which changed me a lot and made teaching easier. I thank this Mentor from the bottom of my heart who changed me not only for good but for the best. Always thankful and grateful to such a grand person in my life.